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Friday, 01 July 2016


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Oooooh! Was that the rarely called upon "Wrath of Duff" coing down onto the "Gove from Above"?

He can look forward to victory in the leadership election and a glorious Prime Ministership now then!


You are holding Gove to high standards; the same as would apply to someone that you know personally, and trust. It does you credit, DD, because you are (in these matters at least!) something of a gentleman. But this is the dirty business of politics, and standards are lower. His colleagues will forgive him because they have all done similar, albeit for lower stakes; the public will not care as they are not up to understanding the details. You might think he is a dead man walking, but then again, you thought boris was a shoo-in this time yesterday!

I share your reservations about Gove. But take courage! Both he and May have more backbone than Cameron. Both are proven tough negotiators, and that's what is needed in the coming months. Everything still to play for.

SoD, you will go to your room and not come out until I tell you!

'W', I don't hold any politician to high standards, indeed, the whole art and craft of politics is wrapped in flexibility. However, Gove made the mistake of promising something directly to us, not to his fellow pols, in absolute terms that contained not even a sliver of wriggle room. He then broke that promise. It was not just morally reprehensible, it was stupid!

Even so, I will always be grateful to 'BoJo' and Gove for leading the 'OUT' campaign. Now all we have to do is hold 'St. Theresa of May's feet to the fire to ensure that she does what we have told her!

David, you should cut poor Gove some slack. I have it on good authority that his conversation with his wife went something like this the other morning.

Gove: My dearest love, Duncan Boris comes here to-night.
Sarah: And when goes hence.
Gove: To-morrow, as he purposes.
Sarah: O, never shall sun that morrow see!

And if I was Banquo Teresa I'd keep an eye out. Once these decent chaps get a taste for blood, there's no stopping them.

As far as I am concerned, it is never too early for a drink!

Very witty, Wilde, er, I mean Kevin!

Well said, Miss Red, I'll drink to that!

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