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Wednesday, 06 July 2016


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It is finally done, we have gangster government for all the world to see. Democracy does end badly and all this may end badly one day. It seems the West managed to beat totalitarian socialism Soviet style, but the damn cancer reformed and landed here in the form of the "Democrat(ic) Party.

From the tone of the comments about the Chilcott report below, this linked article might play well "over there". It is raging hot here.

I'd place the whole Nikoula affair near the top of my complaints against Hillary. If you don't know who Nikoula is, imagine if England did not behave honorably and protected Rushdie, but instead put him in jail. That's what we did.

And this:

Yes, yes, Clinton is a crook. Some day the American political right will succeed in inventing a Democratic version of Nixon. Yawn.

What most Americans believe by "exceptional" is a unique level of freedom, leadership, entitlement and morality. Please never mind these things can contradict each other and are often obviously untrue. This single American thinks the most exceptional characteristic of our society is the long time ability to absorb people from other countries and the best of their own cultures (if not their languages). I realize we're not the only society to do this, just one of the best in modern times.

Saying Hillary Clinton is a crook is an insult to mere crooks. Malcolm Pollack, in
to another willfully ignorant Clinton supporter, described her more accurately:

"Can’t you read? I mean, we all know you are “in the tank” for this hideous woman, this destroyer of lives and coddler of rapists, this engine of global devastation, this co-director of an international criminal syndicate, this peddler of American interests to the highest bidder, this congenital liar, this venal, grasping sociopath, this Platonic Form of naked, ruthless ambition — but can you not read?"

Perhaps some day Hillary will be burned at the stake surrounded by rough characters brandishing pitchforks and law texts. Until then however, she is protected by the demons of reasonable outlook.

Nah. She is protected by corrupt and cowardly leftist politicians, AKA Demonrats without a reasonable bone in their soulless bodies.

"Coddler of rapists"? I believe this claim has been thoroughly disproved, has it not?

It doesn't forgive anything else, but if we are to criticise other people for lying, should we not make sure our facts are correct first?

The "corrupt and cowardly leftist politicians" are counter-balanced by the corrupt and cowardly rightist politicians. All is right with the world.

It has not. Truth is not assertion, and assertion is not proof.

Keep telling yourself that.

Incidentally, any relation to Bagdad Bob?

TheBigHenry, no relation, but it's plain Bagdad Bob isn't the only charmingly oblivious person in the world.

@No-relation Bob

It seems rather clear to me that you insinuate my "charmingly oblivious" personality. I am honored you perceive me as charming.


Please, the honor is all mine. I have known Henrys, but never the big one.


You mustn't presume you will ever know TheBigHenry via simple extrapolation of anecdotal experience. Because almighty Leftist diversity.


The "almighty" part fits the screen name, but I'd simply never have extrapolated you're a leftist.

Oy. And the Brits complain that Americans don't get irony ...


So are you small in real life?


IRL, as well as online, I am above average in size. But, as I previously explained to Andra in these pages (see here), the "Big" in my nickname has to do with my age not my size.


Your modesty is even more charming, sir.

Hang on, "Assertion is not proof"? Surely "coddler of rapists is assertion"?

If Juanita Broddrick's claim to have been raped by Bill Clinton has been "thoroughly disproved", it's news to me.

Right, two different stories. Nonetheless, it seems to be an "it has not been thoroughly proved" matter.

Indeed, Malcolm's "coddler of rapists" is an assertion. But Malcolm's assertion was an expression of his own opinion. He did not offer his opinion as proof of anything. Everyone who expresses an opinion, be it online or in the real world, is asserting what they believe to true. But in no way does mere assertion ever qualify as proof of anything.

"Surely 'coddler of rapists' is assertion?" It surely is. But how does that refute my own assertion that "assertion is not proof"?


"Nonetheless, it seems to be an 'it has not been thoroughly proved' matter."
Neither Malcolm nor I have claimed otherwise.

Speaking for myself, if assertion were proof, every moron tweeting nonsense would be constantly "proving" nonsense via their smartphone, which undoubtedly has an IQ far exceeding that of its owner.

So the answer to my first question, "Surely that is assertion"? is yes. You can hold whatever opinion you wish, it's of no consequence to me.


"..., it's of no consequence to me."

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