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Thursday, 28 July 2016


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What tits? Oh -- the green sweater.

I'll get my coat ...

... and don't forget your glasses!

Now boys!!

We'd all be healthier with a labouring job, obviously. Well we'd certainly be happier if the writers of these reports did a labouring job.

Perhaps we should adopt the Japanese policies of spending the first 30 minutes of work at doing workplace calisthenics. Having Wayne, Letoy, Beyoncé-Louise and Chardonnay-Rhianna doing their stretching exercises and marching on the spot ("Lift those knees you idle person!") would have the union and H&S reps experiencing heart murmers. On the other hand, if these idle people pop their clogs before retirement age, then the government of the day has all that extra cash to play with as they won't have to pay pensions. Logic proclaims that if you don't work off those pizza and hunkyburger calories, you may die prematurely. Logic also proclaims that it is up to the individual to make that decision whether they die prematurely as a 50 stone lardarse of do something to prevent it. We have free will. If it all goes apeshit, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Can I just look at them 'till I need glasses.

Money on it that the bozo on the desk opposite gets bugger all done for the day.

Oh, honestly.........

Seriously, Andra, besides a sandwich and a beer, this is all that men think about.

Former colleague was an ex-Royal Ballet ballerina who'd had to retire cos of back trouble (quiet at the back there) - real head-turner.

When she walked through the office, every male head would be lifted and would follow her progress through the room.

Bonnemort, I will forward that urgently to the RSPTB!

I was once asked to take in a "problem" worker from another division. Turns out she was suing the company claiming sexual harassment from her boss. When I interviewed her she turned out to be a five foot nothing lump of lard with a 40" bust adorned with a deep V cut sweater. My eyeballs were strained from keeping them focused on her hairline. I said I didn't want her, but had to take her anyway.

Crikey! You ought to have gone to Specsavers!

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