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Sunday, 31 July 2016


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I reckon Obama has got a set of false knashers!

That hole in her tongue is where the fork comes out, which enables her sense of smell. The smell of power and money. To her there is nothing else.

I refer to my wife as "my favorite wife". She is the only one I have ever had. I remind her of that. She reminds me that I am easily worth more to her dead...always with a wink though, so it's ok. Damn joint property ownership. In the old days women didn't own.

Er, that might not be a wink, Whiters, she might be gauging the range down an imaginary barrel!

Maybe so, BOE, because so many Americans have these fright, white teeth. Why can't they have a mouthful of snaggled, stained gnashers like us Brits?

About that hole: Apologies in advance, but we know from the Starr Report Bill once used a cigar as a stand-in for his tallywacker with Monica Lewinsky. Perhaps on another occasion he used one that was lit. That would certainly be one way to keep excitement in a marriage.

And, and, some good news: Those cowboy rebs have stuck one right on the nose of the camel-shaggers: -




Let's have a caption contest for that ghastly pic you have shown us several times. Here is my caption entry:

"The Devils and the deep blue sea."


You could refer to your wife (with a wink, of course) as "my first wife".



"Why can't they have a mouthful of snaggled, stained gnashers like us Brits?"
Possibly because America allows the practice of dentistry.


Big Bill the C flavors his cigars before lighting them by inserting them through his mistress's nether lips.

Henry, a wink wouldn't do it. A deep bow and then hold several seconds would be my opening act.

You'll recall David it being said, "Bill Clinton was America's first black President"?

I reckon should the worst possible thing I could hope to never imagine come to pass its highly likely to be said, "Hillary Clinton is America's first lesbian President" (recall Bill's alleged quip, "Hillary's eaten more pussy than everyone combined, ever set foot in Pulaski County." And she's [allegedly] fond of, especially, Egyptian which, if memory serves doesn't exactly equate to my understanding of, particularly sanitary.

Or it could be ...

(You mentioned something about being juvenile there Duff? Me'n SoD you reckons the only ones?)

Why Pulaski County?

Little Rock (Arkansas Capitol) is located in Pulaski County.

Duffers - re the Type 45s, I commend to you a book called Lions Donkeys and Dinosaurs by a certain mr Page in which he describes the corruption waste and incompetence endemic in military procurement, an area in which I guess we must be right up there with the best.

Quite staggering to the point of being distressing.

And not all of it is the result of euro collaboration projects although they hold their end up.

piano wire and lampposts.

Alas, Cuffers, it was ever thus!

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