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Sunday, 03 July 2016


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Duffers as I see it the results down here have several factors which influenced the vote;

1. People are generally pissed off with pollies who believe they are born to rule and know better than the GUP [Great Unwashed Public]. Hence a big swing to independent candidates.

2. Malcolm Turnbull [the leader of our so called conservatives]and also known as Lord Waffle of Wentworth [that being his electorate] is seen as a deceiving, backstabbing, elitist prick [on his good days] responsible for knifing the PM who decimated the ALP at the previous election. Those who assisted in the knifing were identified and the normally conservative voting public punished them for it.

3. The ALP ran a very successful scare campaign about our public health system which was all lies and Shorten, the ALP leader and subject of that photo, as much as admitted so after the close of polling.

4. The large number of independent candidates drew a large percentage of support from people who would normally be conservative distorting the primary vote in our preferential system.

There are other issues of course but I feel these are the principal issues.

The final result will not be known for some days. We are in for interesting times.

A pox on all their houses.

AussieD...According to Quadrant Online, the Labor candidate literally scaremongered his way to office since the Conservatives were so deeply divided. Sounds a bit like here in the US. I saw another article titled "Time for Stable Cleaning" on the Conservative side. Meantime, the Laborites will go on with their PC madness I guess while assuring the public that no benefits will be touched. The Left knows the key to winning.

"The Left knows the key to winning."

Happily, over here, Whiters, they seem to have lost the keys. The Trotskyite Left led by 'Jezza' (allegedly the party leader) refuses to have any truck with his own MPs. Such fun!

David, I've noticed that. Over here, it is the Right that is at odds among itself. We have principled patriots and Vichy Republicrats or something. Anyway, I believe we in "America" are in the midst of a bloodless coup with HRC, Obama's Attorney General and now Bill Clinton making his move in broad daylight. One of the keys to winning for the Left is simply outright theft.

"Suddenly, Blair is here, there and everywhere in London so my guess is that the Chilcot enquiry will slap whitewash all over him. If he had a hint that he might get his collar felt"

Well, mebbe he does have some sort of "hint" as your man Blair (do I need to hit the archives David?) is scheduled to be in Arkansas July 15th.

And ... drumroll ... The Clinton Foundation HQ the following morning of the 16th. What's it all mean Alfie?

Apropos your GES diagnosis, I assume you refer to "Gaz à Effet de Serre (French: Greenhouse Gas Emissions)"? :)

On this side of the pond, some of us attribute socialists' difficulty eating to their predisposition for eating crow, viz.

"What I wouldn't give to see her in yellow overalls!"
Me too, Duff. But on our side of the pond, the overalls are generally orange colored.

I sometimes wonder if "therapist" is one word or two. I guess it depends on whether "is" should be "are".

Very witty, TBH!

"A pox on all their houses."
A piss on all their houses -- much more satisfying.

G'day Whitewall. The "Quadrant on Line" is always a good read.

TBH I am [somewhat] reliably informed by an old friend that should one have the former the latter is somewhat painful.


Well, I understand where you're coming from. But I was referring to the satisfaction of those who piss on all those houses. Either way, however, there is satisfaction to be gotten. Sorry, Jagger.

BTW, Duff, have a happy July 4th (assuming you have one in Britain :)

Well Henry.

David, Andra, SoD and (probably) Jimmy took up observing in honor of me, All Digits Day for their July Hooraw. So that'd be the bigger bits of the UK.

And yep David, Andra, SoD and Jimmy - as tonight was my "private display" and I still got all my digits - I expect y'all to carry on as before.

Perhaps especially this year - no cars were harmed in the production!


I'm a bit slow on the uptake. Am I supposed to know this stuff?

1) What is "All Digits Day"? I got no hints from Google.
2) Why in honor of you?
3) I've been wondering who SoD is -- Is he "Son of David"?
4) Private display? Are you flashing people in the town square?
5) Is there a town square where you live?
6) Are you drinking while setting off fireworks in the dark?

Please enlighten me.

Your confused friend,

TBH, here at D&N we are proud to have at our disposal the finest collection of incoherent eccentrics anywhere in 'blogdom'. If you manage to stick with this loony-bin after a while you will begin to make sense of it - and that is the point at which you should become worried and consider seeking medical advice!

Reading 'JK' can sometimes be rather like reading the works of 'e e cummings' - backwards! Alas, 'JK' inhabits the wilder parts of Arkansas (than which no wilder parts may be imagined) and has, alas, fallen under the spell of a certain Barney Magroo, a self-styled purveyor of, er, "Fine Wines & Spirits to the Gentry". Not that 'JK' partakes of these noxious liquids, no, no, an earlier period of his life was conducted in the US Navy where, as you probably know, strong drink is frowned upon! No, the problem for 'JK' is that he lives down-wind from one of Mr. Magroo's stills up in 'them thar hills' and if the wind is in the wrong direction then the normally, quiet, reserved, shy and scholarly 'JK' may become, er, lively, shall we say?

As for 'SoD', allow me to reprint an algorithm which explains all:
Loz = Lawrence = SoD = Son of Duff. What can I say, except 'sorry'!

Henry, when the sun rises out there, you might have a headache by now. Britain now has their own "July 4", it is called June 23, 2016. Oh, and wait for SoD to get really wound up and do his full family pedigree chart dating back many centuries. Every time he writes it all down, I have the urge to either stand at attention or bend one knee just enough...the feudal spirit thing you know.

No, no, Whiters, just bend the knee sufficiently to give him a good kick in the arse!

David...what if he decides to return the favor? What ever shall I do then?

Henry, JK shouldn't be allowed to play with fireworks, or dynamite or other things which may go "bang" in the night.
And, as DD so rightly says, JK is supposed to stay upwind of the still at all times.
Apart from that he's just fine, mostly.

Duff, Robert (Whitewall), Andra,

Thanx guys for coming to my rescue. Actually, I have "interacted" with JK on Malcolm Pollack's blog (waka waka waka) for several years now, with mixed, albeit most friendly, success. I am well aware that he is very intelligent and that my difficulty in understanding him has largely to do with my inability to master Arkansasian, a language spoken only by a few dozen people in the Ozarks. I am making progress, however. Just last week I understood him completely when he wrote, "Have a nice weekend."

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