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Friday, 12 August 2016


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apologies for going a.w.o.l. yesterday without giving you notice.

Isn't the idea of going A.W.O.L. is to do so without giving notice before hand?

they then kept me waiting for 45 minutes!!!!

Should that happen again send them a bill explaining your time is as valuable as theirs.

If you look back at Western attire over centuries you will find that Western women used to cover themselves as much as the lady in the picture. Only gradually have they got more relaxed. Give ladies such as the one in the picture time and they, or at least their daughters will relax too. You can't force people to relax.
Hence I think the Mayor mistaken.
The difficult bit is making sure no-one else is forcing ladies to dress in a way they don't like.


"Give ladies such as the one in the picture time and they, or at least their daughters will relax too. You can't force people to relax."

Indeed. Muslims blew up buses and trains, and murdered soldiers, in order to get the UK to feel more relaxed about Islamic demands regarding foreign policy and domestic mores. I still don't feel relaxed, though, so I guess you are right.

This Mayor is going about things to wrong way. Make this attire compulsory! Insist they wear socks, gloves and goggles. On a more serious note - surely there is a public health aspect to use in public swimming pools. Especially given the Arab aversion to toilet paper...........

David, if you had to wait for a "specialist", that is proper. After all, he is special. You are only an ex- corporal. A somewhat grumpy one I hear. I hope your pills work.

Ahoy the David!

Nothing to say on the topic as BOEs covered it as I woulda.

Rather its to do with the arthritis-thingy. Hopefully Michael Adams'll drop by and say whether 'the relief' is applicable to the rheumatoid variety as it seems to be for the osteo.

Fish oil. JK's been on a regimen of the stuff fairly soon after Michael made mention here on D&N. Think about forty days or so - anyway the OTC pharma use has been cut at least by half (caveat - the weather's been steady-as-she-goes since the average temps hit 35° and holding - I'll update y'all should another tornado blast through the Ozarks before November)

Only reason I mention it is because I figure if yours is anything like the envy of the world! mine is, you're equally as tired of having your prostate checked no matter the ailment. (Though I reckon I probably ought admit I kinda like dropping my trousers when "Nurse Betty Sue" has been likewise scheduled. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds.)

Alas, JK, I think the fish oil remedy is for the ostio variety, and Michael kindly offered some advice some time ago. The other problem for me is that I am anaemic which means I am subject to bouts of fatigue despite the quacks pumping full of iron - well, that's my excuse and as far as the Memsahib is concerned, I am sticking to it!


And here I thought I was safe by staying out of the wading pool for the kids wearing diapers (I think all y'all call 'em "nappies").

More chlorine, please!

Chlorine; isn't that what the Syrians are getting - more chlorine?

BoE, I can not remember any time that I have ever contested anything that you said, but I will 'revise and extend' your remarks regarding Muzzzies and their lack of toilet paper. They do not wipe, but they do wash, in a bidet or over the pot, with a hose or something. It really is cleaner that way, so that, when I say you can kiss may ass, I am referring to hygiene, not insult, nor, BTW desire.(Heh)There was a medical reason, and I just stuck to it, but, as we have said, the stuff did not stick to me.

As for the RA, more on-line research to follow, which can now be sent by my newly cleansed e-mail. Yes, it's now safe, again, to open and read.

Yes, cleansing does seem to be a recurring theme these days, no es?

Looks like a large blue condom that could give a blow job if required.

Jimmy, you are a naughty boy!

Ach, David.Anaemia! The Docs love to give you more iron, but it destroys vitamin E. When my sister was pregnant, thirty eight years ago, she could not get her RBC count up, until I suggested that she take her iron and Vitamin E at opposite ends of the day, and, suddenly, she was a red-blooded American girl again. Yes, as we have discussed, fish oil seems to be most effective in osteo, rather than rheumatoid. I am doing some more on-line reading, and I have sent an e-gram to my aunt who has the expertise of a forty year patient. No, seriously, she goes all over the world, giving lectures to MD's and med students, about how to examine the patient in pain, and yes, she really does know as much as any doctor about RA.There are multiple drugs for RA, now, and the envy of the world medicine is not big on innovation. I'll send more info along as it comes in to me.

Michael, thank you very much for your interest and any tips and hints will be gratefully received. The actual RA pains have been damped down by the pill regime I'm on but what disturbs me are these fatigue bouts which literally wipe me out despite me having had two iron infusions in the last six months. Anyway, I am seeing my general practice quack this morning and I intend to interrogate him! I will let you know privately what he says because I don't want to bore my readers here any more than I do already!

Please let me know privately too, David. I've had similar problems ...

I assume you know my email address.

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