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Monday, 22 August 2016


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I have to confess that I watched none of it.

Whitewall, I do enjoy the track events and weightlifting. I just dug out my 1965 best performance medal from my school sports for a bit of nostalgia. I am sure that David like myself was very disappointed that the womens wrestling in virgin olive oil did not take place.

It may have been a lack of virgins, Jimmy!


Once again you, or one of the other Brits, and even my Atlantic-coast colleague, Robert, have snatched the opportunity to pick the low hanging fruit, because of your time zone advantage. And Jimmy's provision of "women", "wrestling", and "virgin olive oil" is a veritable motherload pregnant with punishing possibility.

Well, Henry, you can't expect to win a gold medal without some hardship!

Jimmy, I have an award of sorts from way back when...most hours after school in detention. Yes me, believe it or not!

If women 'rasslin' in olive oil can be an event, doggone it, fishing as a sport can be too.!

Well, David, here I am smack—dab in the midst of the State that invented entitlementalia. So I demand my gold medal without any hardship. Moreover, where the f*ck is my free 0bama phone? They told me it was back ordered, like, 3 weeks ago.

Henry, are you demanding the flour or that shiny thing? The phone might be in the flour like in the old days, you'll remember?


You are a genius, sir! I bet that is exactly what happened to my damn 0bama phone -- the General Mills recall:

Duffers I hate to be pedantic but I am going to be. Your national flag, and the one which appears in the upper canton on the hoist of so many flags, including ours, is the Union Flag. It is only a Union Jack when flown from the Jack Staff of one of HM's ships. Though some dreadfully proper swots at the UK Flag Institute like to argue that is not entirely so. However a visit from a CPO and Press Gang versed in the subtle arts of Naval pursuasion could probably change their minds on that subject.

Sorry, Sir, but remember, I was in the army not the navy so what do you expect?

Ugh, look at this geezer ...

Cabbage-head, country-bumpkin, and paddy-terrorist, all rolled into one.

Can a man sink any lower?


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