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Wednesday, 10 August 2016


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A bit behind the times, really, that general.

He could have got it all from D&N back in 2014: -

"I caught up on my T64-T90's, Gvozdika's (only the Russian sense of humour would name its heavy artillery after a flower), Abrams, and Challengers, etc. as I tracked the Ukraine war this year. Pitted against itself, as it was in Ukraine, the Russian kit, doctrine, and personnel degenerated into an artillery slugfest. The echoes of the Great War reverberated with perfect timing. The reorganized Russian brigades have an astonishing ratio of artillery to units. 54x 122mm-152mm Gvozdika's and MSTA's to support 3 battalions. Bloody hell, in 10 Para we had 6x 80mm mortars!"

I'm wasted in IT.


"the population of Russia is around 164 million and ours stands at about 63 million"

Quite a sizeable proportion of our 63 million are migrants, or descended from migrants, who might be happy to see us defeated in any conflict. I suspect that the proportion is rather lower in Russia, and that Putin has some effective methods to make people think patriotically.

Whyaxye. It would be good if we were to re-introduce National Service just to see who would turn up. I suspect the population of Poland, Pakistan and ROI would increase dramatically and the social services on Sweden would be under severe pressure.

David, President Trump would have access to neutron bombs that would leave his golf courses intact while ridding GB of undesirables such as intellectuals and immigrants. It would probably be a good idea to soft-pedal the Shakespeare references and art displays if he's elected.

Well, Trump's craziness is a meme being well sold in the Leftist media just now, and there is really no other kind of media. This is to distract from the very real neurological and possible psychiatric problems in Trump's opponent, not to mention the body count attached to her name and to Bill's. However, the notion that the President has a button that he can push and whoosh, "bombs bursting in air" is entirely based upon American movies, and not very serious ones at that. There is always an enormous stink when a President does any small thing that can be counted as an act of war. Launching nuclear missiles without a declaration of war, absent other people's missiles airborne toward us, is impeachable. Our fear, in electing Clinton, is an increase in Presidential power, although not to the level the propagandists like to ascribe to Trump, right now. Yes, we worry that Trump is not a Classical Liberal, which we in America call Conservative, but is not. However, most of us are consoling ourselves with the idea that Trump, would block Clinton from appointing Communists to the Supremes, and effectively ending the Second Amendment, and doing a hatchet job on the First. It's a feast of bitter herbs, but it is all that's on the menu this year.

Trump the war monger, the powerful, the dangerous crazy guy, is a joke and a con, a con which appears to have taken in a great many Britons.

Always remember, when business men lie, it's a scandal. When politicians face a scandal, it's because one of them got caught telling the truth.

Michael Adams,

Sensible reasoned discourse was once persuasive. Today, I doubt that Abraham Lincoln could get himself elected to any office.

By and large (mostly large) the electorate, at least in the United States, is swayed by 0bama phones and their slavish faith in the perfectibility of human nature, AKA the Leftist worldview. As we all know, those of us who have the capacity to know anything that is not dictated by the officially approved party line, human nature has never budged from the basic survival instincts of cave man: I want food, sex, and that free 0bama phone; and I don't give a rat's ass what Hillary does, as long as I get what I'm entitled to; and I will specify what my entitlements are.

We would need air superiority to defeat Russia, which we could achieve if we were prepared to outspend Putin. Which we are not.

The Germans did have air superiority over the old Soviet Union in 1941-42, until the Anglo-American air offensive put paid to it.

All that artillery could be wiped out easily enough if we had a reasonable number of tomahawks instead of pissing cash away on useless eurofighters.

Personally I am more worried about the gigantic asteroid about to hit Cornwall.

But not Devon! Save me that Devon clotted cream. An asteroid could revive Cornish mining, suffering so greatly for the past century or so. Just move those nice Cornish people out of there and wait.

Cornwall!? Only if "Doc Martin" is completely finished filming for good.

I'm certainly a lot less concerned now that our foreign policy will shortly no longer managed by the useless idiot bastards in brussels.

Thank god for brexit.

I'm sure those idiot bastards in Brussels could be useful for somebody. Think of all the villages in the world who have lost their idiot through some natural disaster.

We don't have enough villages!

Some villages may be willing to support more than one.

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