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Wednesday, 03 August 2016


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Ah God, it's deja vu all over again.
I used to live quite happily in my house, just the cat and me and all was well in Andra-land.
Then this old Chinaman came along and led me astray and since then it's all been downhill.
So far the Chinaman has had a leg amputated, lost half his bowel and had a collapsed lung. Apart from that he's doing pretty well.
A little over a year ago my one and only sister sold up in Melbourne and moved up here for me to look after her. She has Alzheimers' in a pretty serious way and that's interesting.
Two weeks ago my Chinaman's elder son ran away from home and has moved in with me.
I'm still smiling (well, sometimes) but it takes a whole lot of wine and I'm thinking of my little villa in Bali. It's looking very, very good to me. Unfortunately, I can't take the cat with me.
Ah, where's the chardy??

Duffers old age may be a bitch but it is a whole lot bloody better than the alternative.

Andra you are a bloody marvel. I dips me lid to you.

Andra, should you be in need of a suave, smooth, English gent to help you over at your Bali villa, I am available - very reasonable rates!

David, your case might be stronger if you have your well deserved Earldom.

Around Whitewall Manor, we recently spent years looking after my in-laws who were both in their 80s. Managing a persons decline is far different from managing a persons growth. Careful of your own health.

I had been told that growing old is not for sissies, shortly before I learned that lesson the hard way when my dear old Dad reached out for my assistance. I was living thousands of miles away from him at the time (America is a very big country). Being an only child and my Dad a widower (Mum had died five years before), there was no alternative but to move next door to Dad for the duration (about a year of agony and turmoil).

If my wife hadn't been there for us, I would have probably chosen to play Russian roulette with Dad, with a fully loaded gun. His turn would have been first, of course, but I would have continued with my turn, after reloading the empty chamber.

It is not always all that bad.
I am 81 (Life expectancy 7.6 years) and still get around, do the washing up , help my wife and do the crosswords. Though my feet hurt.
Alas I am not as good at weight lifting as I used to be. The iron is winning.
Oh - and I don't like smart phones.

john malpas,

I'm still in my 70's, but I don't like smartphones either. The more insolent ones seem to be gaining on me ...

Thank you John Malpas - I had never thought of googling life expectancy - it seems I am on 8.2 yrs at age 80. You live and learn - even at breakfast time!

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