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Saturday, 20 August 2016


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I was looking at the top section of my garden this morning and thinking that the only thing to do was to clear it and start again. Which is what they ought to do with the Olympics. Build a permanent site at Mt Olympus with a big statue of Zeus. Restrict the sports to those involving running, jumping and throwing things. I'd quite like to see how Mo gets on running 10,000 metres (BH - meters) wearing a full set of armour.

Unless BoE's excellent idea is taken up it could all be done away with other than the women's beach volleyball. Played of course in the garb of the athletes in the original olympics.

aussieD. I had forgotten that! I expect there would be a big (!) audience for Mo in the nude.

Happy to jog the memory BoE.

Those women who play beach volleyball all seem to be stick figures. Each could use a good meal it seems. They need to adopt Olympic fishing. I just returned from depleting the Western Atlantic Ocean. It will need to be restocked.

Whitewall. See message at 1214. Running, jumping and throwing things. As amended by AussieD. How about throwing hand grenades?

I approve of BoE's suggestion, with minor modifications. It is fine as far as the men's events are concerned. As for the women's events, they should all be retained, except for weight lifting and such, where a tendency toward obesity may be an advantage. And also for the women's events, AussieD's suggestion is a non-negotiable requirement.

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