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Monday, 15 August 2016


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And another

There is a respectable if very elderly sub-genre of courtroom obscenity jokes.

An old lag is about to be sent down for the umpteenth time, and is asked by the elderly judge whether he has something to say for himself.

"Fuck all!" mutters the con.

"What's that? Speak up! Did you say something?" asks the Judge.

Realising he had best not repeat it, the con opts for silence, staring down into the dock. The Judge, determined to be fair to the man, addresses the young copper who is guarding him in the dock.

"Constable, did the prisoner actually say something, or am I imagining things?"

Blushing slightly, the copper reluctantly replies:

"The prisoner said 'Fuck all', My Lord".

"Didn't he? I could have sworn I heard him say something!"

Sister Wolf deserves to be told this tale David.

Er, you didn't, get it from her did you?

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