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Friday, 26 August 2016


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Chicago is a strange place Duffers.

In 1987 I was in Chicago on a course and on the Saturday night I and several of my US counterparts visited the bar area in East Division Street. [I still have the photographs] A couple of Chicago's finest gave us the friendly tip not to cross one particular street as that would take us into "the badlands" and would not be good for our health.

I asked what happens to them if the denizens of "the badlands" crossed said street into the bar area intent on evil and the reply was simply "Jail or dead".

Don't know what it is like now as the last time I was there was 1990.

Well done Chicago University but I can't help wondering how we have come to this, a university having to spell out that it will do what a university should be doing.

I trust, AussieD, that the local constabulary issued a warning
to the denizens of the 'Badlands' that the Aussie navy was in town!

Well, Frank, let us be grateful for small mercies!

Ra Ra Ra ... RahmRahman

Ooh ooh Rahmaran Rahmaran.

Yeah right David

AussieD, today it would just be "dead".

Much of academia has fallen to political correctness aka cultural Marxism. The students are now turning on their counter culture teachers and administrators! Fitting irony, but this corrosive movement of delicate "social justice warriors" must be stopped and stopped hard, along with their adult enablers.

Well, the people who fight against it are then marked out as "Rape enablers" and misogynists. I am a regular reader of the Slymepit, who have been pointing (and laughing) at these issues for years, but no one wants to know. "Safe space"? The only one I know about is approximately six feet underground.....

Quote : Similarly, many universities are creating “safe spaces” where students can relax free from ideas that might be stressful or anxiety-inducing. Among these is Brown University, which last year created a room “with cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets and a video of frolicking puppies” because a debate on sexual assault was taking place on campus.

And there might be a "Listen with Mother" corner as well....

Mayfly, I've read those as well and worse. Opponents are always called something...rape enablers, sexists, Hitler etc. Enter the Alt-Right. They don't care about names as crying wolf only works so long.

These college kids will return home as pre adults like they never had to grow up.

Extracting excerpts which, I'll email the link to both David and Sod for verification of veracity, I JK, pass along to my fellow Anglosperic the following assertions -

What's happened is/was ... Arkansas' Crime Information Center (which is an "Officially recognized Data Reporting to the Feds [fusion center] got caught up in a Hillary obfuscation by that dastardly Donald Trump.

Original Reporting via The Arkansas [Caution: Extremely Lefty Comments] Blog:

(But for reference ...


Mon, Aug 8, 2016, at 6:07 PM

"Ms Curtis and extending to the AWM blog Readership,

When the ACIC matter above first came to my attention I took notice and then waited

- crickets -

On July 29th via our Congressional District 1 Representative (I've long subscribed to Arkansas' Congressional Delegations' ... at first newsletters and now, emails) sent along the - past the "three apostrophes" - as our Government is not, Democracy but rather, A Republic that is "Representative Democracy"

Anyway as noted above but now including as I've further fish to exercise via The Free Press et cetera et cetera ... follows is the text as sent to Arkansas' First District representative Congressman Rick Crawford:


The Honorable Rick Crawford

Sir; Recall back on June 22nd your Democrat colleagues staging a sit-in? Additionally you might recall among the many suggestions put forth for even more regulations was ... People On Watch Lists Be Banned.

Very Bad Idea. What recourse would be available if there's an error?

That one got my attention pretty quick and, even though at the time I couldn't recall any specific (publicized) instance of what I knew to be likely, that is a states' database holding inaccurate data - and as should be apparent database snafus tending to pass inaccurate informational infections along. And if an instance of a State supplied infection influencing a Federally held database of Watch Lists? "Problematic" I think you'd agree.

At the time I'd despaired of finding any publicized instance of such data corruption but now news Our Very Own Arkansas comes to the rescue! The link goes to NW Arkansas Online (but a similar article appeared in the 7/25 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: author/Chelsea Boozer)

In addition to the primary focus of my email's intent Mr. Crawford secondarily I'd suggest that, from your perch in DC it might be possible to get something prophylactic going as regards ensuring any DHS [Department of Homeland Security] level databases are regularly fumigated. Particularly if any Federal level databases receive information from state level sources, fusion centers and the like.

It's a pity that it took something as simple as screwing up voter rolls to shine a light on a bigger problem - can't simply say "Nothing to see here folks, move along" as, I'll go out on a limb and venture, there's likely a lawsuit or two in the works.

If possible Sir, might you get this message to Senators Boozman and Cotton? Perhaps to Governor Hutchinson and Arkansas' entire Legislature? I'd appreciate Sir, any attention you might give this matter."


Fri, Aug 26, 2016, at 5:13 AM

"And more and more.

What's it been, a FULL Month or so?

A month or more as the "Government Calendar" flows? Up above I posit *somebody/anybody* presenting an application for a CHCL but, what if its a BACKGROUND CHECK REQUIRED FOR [Any Consideration] OF EMPLOYMENT?

Government job anyone? A healthcare position (access to HIPAA electronic records one ought be cognizant of) CNA, LPN, RN, APN, heck, even MD?

Or perhaps a position requiring access to financial records?


One has inadvertently/innocently just out for a quick trip to Town & Country for biscuits has left the Driver's License at home and, equally inadvertently/innocently has parked on the easternmost edge of Town & Country's parking lot

Yet unbeknownst (or totally unaware of the changes in Arkansas Law since, for instance "cyber-bullying" or "teacher-predation" got vogue) to the world the would-be biscuit purchaser who has inadvertently or innocently drove off from their residence bereft of a driver's license and, parked on the east side of the Town & Country parking lot is ... within spitting distance of a church

Meanwhile haphazardly Salem's City Council (in Executive Session) has hired and set upon the citizenry a cop - though highly decorated whilst in military service overseas - is nonetheless totally unfamiliar with any of the populace.


The new cop seeing the harried biscuit buyer exiting Town & Country (perhaps innocently enough amongst all involved parties) is greeted by the startled biscuit buyer with,

"I forgot and left my ID at home!"

The newbie military-trained cop goes DefCon II and queries the now-established error containing ACIC database whether there's "reasonable suspicion" to detain the now hapless biscuit buyer further

Unfortunately for the biscuit buyer 20 years prior, his then 17 years old future wife's 18 year old boyfriend had been reported by the next-door senile busybody for taking panties off his future in-laws clothes-line and had to make an appearance in municipal court on a charge of being a [somewhat] normal teenage male

But the military-trained newly hired city cop isn't aware of any Mayberry-type teenage pranking the future wife, no indeed, and there is the immediate matter of, no ID and what ACIC's database query reflects

And then an AWM reporter happens upon the scene and the next week's headline is:



As I averred above - losing the franchise to vote due to erroneous ACIC data might be the least of one's problems.


I'd [JK] admit to suppose, You'd had to been there!


Your sentiments are supported by me, as well as my wife, the lovely Trish, who happens to be an alumna of the University of Chicago (BTW, not Chicago University). UofC is, indeed, one of America's elite universities, ranking up there with the Ivies (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, U. of Pennsylvania, and Brown) as well as the Ivy of the South, Duke University (another one of Trish's alma maters).


As the story goes the UofC was doing some work for the Manhattan project(A-Bomb) during WW II.

One day the their football team was playing a scrimmage.

The cheerleaders were yelling “Rah Rah BOOM!”

That is why the UofC does not have football team any more.

That's about as funny as the school gets, they take academics seriously.

Hank>Hank's Eclectic Meanderings


It was the great nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi who succeeded in obtaining the first controlled self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction at the UofC in connection with the Manhattan Project.

And according to my wife, it was generally acknowledged among the undergraduates that the unofficial motto of the UofC is "Where fun goes to die."

Duffers the Chicago Constabulary were absolute gentlemen and guided us to the more celubrious watering holes in the area.

One we met had been attached to an Australian Battalion in Vietnam and as far as he was concerned Aussies could do no wrong and supplied us with transport back to our hotel at the end of a looooong night on the town.


You were probably in the bars north of Wells St. on or near Division (Mother's was one of the biggest). In those days to wander a few blocks south would have put you in the infamous Cabrini Green housing projects, where you would likely have been treated to the sound of gun play.


"Trigger words" and "safe zones" are for overly-sensitive, willful ignoramuses and have nothing to do with Marxism.

Thanks Bob. Cabrini Green was one place we were warned about. South Chicago was another.

I had six weeks in and around the Windy City and thoroughly enjoyed it. A few of us found a nice little bar in Evanston run by a retired US Navy CPO.

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