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Wednesday, 17 August 2016


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Fish oil, while it may not help the rheumatoid David, supposedly the stuff is good for the memory.

Take it away 2014 SoD;

"The Jerries are worried about only two things: -

(1) The short term hit of losing Russian energy supplies."

True SoD also said

"I actually think that seeing the price drop from $120 a barrel to $60 will sink Putin's Russia, and probably Iran and the Saudis, with a whimper and no trace."

So there's that.

This bit of the "American Thinker" piece tickled my memory:

"The former communist party of East Germany now repackaged as "Die Linke" and the right-wing, anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) share essentially identical anti-Western and anti-American platforms that call for disbanding NATO and a new security alliance with Russia."

Then I remembered why:

"I think NATO is obsolete." - Donald Trump

"Trump’s relationship with Putin and his warm views toward Russia, which began in the 1980s when the country was still part of the Soviet Union, have emerged as one of the more curious aspects of his presidential campaign." ( )

All this attributing to Trump alone and, 'well of course we Liberals ... Democrats ... Leftists [fill in the blank] were, all along the biggest hugest! fans of NATO the Indispensible' as the evidence makes clear' borders on the hysterically funny.

But it wasn't just the Liberals the Democrats the Leftists nor the Fill in the Blanks that were, a relative short time ago asking

"Is NATO Obsolete?" Put the digits 2012 or 2013 or 2014 or even, [anything pre-June 2015] followed by the question in any good search engine and smoke it!

"They’re cowering in Chicago, where the NATO summit is scheduled to open on May 20 [2012!]: the security arrangements go well beyond paranoia. They’re telling office workers in buildings adjacent to the site to “dress down,” lest they become identified with the proceedings."

“NATO has no strategy, in my view,” said Lilia Shevtsova, Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Center on the United States and Europe, urging the development of a coherent military strategy to help “erase any temptation for reckless forces and reckless powers to test where the red line is.”

JK, if you're wondering what NATO is up to check here:

But you're not done, are you? I'm waiting for why Liberals ... Democrats ... Leftists [fill in the blank] were, all along the biggest hugest! fans of Vladimir Putin too. And pay no attention to the man behind Trump's curtain, Paul Manafort, who has become too hot to handle and replaced because of his Russian ties:

It's becoming clear where Trump might take the long vacation he referred to if the election doesn't go his way: "We joke in Ukraine that it is a bad sign for Trump that he hired Manafort. Because his client Yanukovych was ousted and fled to Russia, to the city of Rostov. So Trump could also end up in Rostov. It is almost like an anecdote." - Ukrainian political expert Oleg Kravchenko

Well Bob. Recall back when "Georgia On My Mind" was receiving the revival in popularity except that it wasn't anything to do with Ray Charles' version but rather George W's having his nose rubbed in it, handled fairly well by the Democrats utilizing that timely tome authored by Robert D. Kaplan and adorably titled The Revenge of Geography?

And Bob, far as you "maybe feeling helpful" to me by bringing to my attention stuff that I probably don't have a clue about? Well Bob, calm yourself down as I already got a friend who's been long at that - I did drop a link to LB yesterday you might have noticed?

Have a taste Bob:

As you can probably tell should you delve into reading there some, you'll likely note ol' JK has got his nose rubbed in it from time to time too. And I'd have to say admiringly even of LB, she's a damn sight more thorough (not to mention, prepared) than you Bob, are ever likely to be. Eurasiawise speaking at any rate.

Too Bob - I think you'd be able quite handily to find I'm not so invested partisan-acolytewise speaking as you might have possibly convinced yourself I am. As you put it recently:

"You're right. I enjoy studying politics, including others' points of view, and try to avoid much emotional investment. There is no "black hat" or "white hat" team, except possibly in the relative short term."


Yes David that was me digging in the archives. I didn't find exactly what I had in mind though - something to do with Caspian Sea area pipelines under construction which, should be coming online fairly soon.

However I did manage a couple, little "fortuitous stumblings upon."

*Food for thought*

JK, I don't assume what knowledge is possessed by you or anyone else on the interwebs. I comment here in a style that not only addresses you but other possible readers as well. You've claimed to be in the tank for Trump. My intent is to make a case to all readers why that's not a good idea. I am calm and also prone to keeping tongue in cheek.

Your friend at libertybellediaries claims some unique knowledge that's quite a scoop if true. Where did she learn Trump is deliberately throwing the race?

Me voting for Trump is that, I've always (since achieving my majority) voted. Why I'm in the tank for Trump has little to do with Trump rather, its to do with me being unable to vote for any Clinton of the Arkansas species and, though never me properly speaking ol' JK has enjoyed long acquaintances in Arkansas among which initially (and in my earlier youthful years) were State Troopers and other Arkies who, I'd known since high school, turned out to be Secret Service (and otherwise operators) going as far back as the Carter Administration.

LB and I happened by simple circumstance to stumblebum into a mutual convenience, she by way of knowledge I lacked where the Balkans was concerned and I, through my knowledge of a Chechen Wahhabist name of Shamir Basayev - and for what was going on at the time it was as they say, mutually beneficial.

And Syria was coming to where red lines were getting some hints of attention ... bi-partisan attention and as its turned out Arab Spring hence, not so much as any of the DC based ?antagonists? would've preferred.

LB was, sort of late to the game but I'd been around since the pivotal year of 1979. The first "Mrs JK" having uncles well placed all over the place and indeed, the earlier incarnation of JK's subject of affections Dad was a major oil company[s] Geologist in places stretching from the Red Sea to western Afghanistan.

Americans for the most part Bob when 1979 is pointed out think, almost without exception "Iran."

But there were other consequential events too many don't appreciate for instance:

Turbulent times.

Ooooh JK, a little grenade rolled back to me from 2014 with the pin out?!

Putin's response to $40 a barrel was the Syrian adventure, more than a whimper - or was it? If Vlad really had a pair he'd be in Kiev by now. And that would matter; and it would be more than a whimper. Instead he's being held off by the Hairies in that place no-one gives a shit about so long as there's no winner.

Will he do more than the Syrian whimper? There's a lot of military build-up in Crimea. If he does then I was wrong. Otherwise he's over-reached in Syria and with the economics of $40 a barrel and sanctions, he's sinking.

Not yet without trace, I grant you.

But there's still time for the pin to go back in ...


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