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Friday, 05 August 2016


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David do not despair, watch the womens beach volleyball or the all in womens wrestling in mud.

Good point, Jimmy, the women's volley ball should be a dead give away given the brevity of their, er, briefs!

Better yet, with all the nasty water in Rio, watch and see how many athletes run for the stalls to avoid the cameras.

Oh yes, it could be an entirely separate race and the winner gets a brown medal instead of gold - such fun!

I reckon we could start the search nearer to home. Did you see this?

Not for the faint-hearted.

Why does Caitlyn Jenner have a medal in men's track? The current wisdom is that she was always a woman, even when she was Bruce.

Dom, maybe Bruce did not want to be Caitlyn. That monthly cycle!


Jenner, if I recall, was the champion in the decathlon, considered by many to be the crowning glory of Olympic Sports (summer and winter). The ten events emphasize power, speed, and fatigue-resisting endurance. No natural woman could possibly win the men's decathlon if, in fact, her competitors were all natural men. As always, I absolutely mean no disrespect towards women in making such an obvious assertion.

Unless you have replaced the chromosomes in some way you are what you were when you were born. The rest is fantasy.

The girl? on the left of that reference file is one mean looking bloke.

Well, when the head honcho boasts of turning to drugs to enhance his performance, you kinda know what the whole thing's about: -


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