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Wednesday, 24 August 2016


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Never mind, at least he won't have to pay himself to get his clothes cleaned. The Nationalised HoC has a nice scheme whereby they will pay a Privatised cleaners to do that.
Jolly lucky the carriage door did not fly open like those lovely Nationalised BR ones used to do.
And it looks like he did not spend a lot of his meal allowance on that pic-nic that he is sitting on.
In the end he got a seat but we do not know if his loyal entourage managed to get seats. Or did they all have to go and stand in the nasty Virgin bar and spend our money?

I am sure that Sod will be quick to remind us that Juncker and Schultz are much more competent liars as well as having private jets for that sort of trip, and so that is why they should be allowed to rule over us.

Odd that Western governments always battle it out between a Red Leftism that can't die and stay dead vs a center Rightism that can't survive unless it drifts Leftwards in the name of progress. No way to run a railroad, or airline etc. The Left needs the best liars while the Right needs the best collaborators.

Juncker has finally gone off the deep end?

Recommended reading:

Bob, don't think me ungrateful but I was going to ignore your link to 'The Graun' on the grounds that is amongst the stupidest rags that no-one ever reads. But, realising that would be impolite, I did click on it and then saw the name of the writer - Martin Jaques, a died-red-in-the-wool commie who has been wrong about almost everything since the early '60s. So, sorry and all that but I'll give it a miss!

I felt the same way about the Guardian piece and its author, but did see some fair points and some subtle paranoia over what may be our co-future between Britain and the US. The straight faced mention of Thomas Piketty did not help. It would have been a more helpful article if it had mentioned a huge monetary event in 1972...I suspect we all remember it and felt it, especially when using currency exchanges for travel and business.

David, you old reactionary, the Gaurdian is relatively popular in the US, where it has about 13 million readers. Martin Jacques was and possibly still is a communist, which I agree is a failed philosophy. People do change, however. Do you also dismiss David Horowitz? Try to be more open minded, like Whitewall.

David, East Coast Trains are a conglomerate and the Virgin name is just a name. I think Stagecoach may be the big holder. But I may be wrong!
When taken over by the government a few years back after privatisation failure the train company succeeded however the Tories gave it back to the Spivs.

"the Gaurdian is relatively popular in the US, where it has about 13 million readers"

Now I know you're going bonkers 'over there'!

Thirteen million in a population of three hundred and thirty million? Not so popular, really.

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