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Monday, 22 August 2016


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Like old George said, some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.

In his parallel universe, he feels uniquely qualified to pick up a turd by the clean end.

To make this happen Mrs May has three options.
1 She could put a three line whip on a vote of no confidence in the government- a very poor way of starting a general election campaign, so it won't happen.
2 She can get a 2/3 majority of the commons to vote for a dissolution. That would require a lot of opposition votes- do they feel lucky?
3 She could repeal or amend the fixed term Parliament Act which brings about 1&2. This would take time and may not pass the Lords.
Industrial "action" overtly directed towards the government has always brought forth support for the government, I don't see things being any different this time. Add this to the current state of the polls, and Mrs May, even if forced to hold an election would win handily.
Personally I can't see an election happening before 2020 when the new electoral boundaries are in place. And any action by the brothers will give Mrs May the excuse to reintroduce legislation to limit unions political donations.

Dear oh dear, the penny hasn't dropped yet, has it!

The majority of the United Kingdom is made up of swivel-eyed loons! : -

Public sector
Manufacturing sector
Corporate workforce (feeding off HMG contracts)
Hairies (of both persuasions)
Media and metro class

If they're under the age of 40 they never lived through the cold war and Ostblok socialism at a cognisant age. And if they're under 50 they never lived through the 1970's in socialist Blighty at a cognisant age.

And they've all accepted the demonization of Thatcher and neo-Liberalism espoused by Blair.

And with Brexit you've just given them carte-blanche to "Go do that voodoo that they do so well".

They're smelling blood. And I don't blame them.


SoD, you really must try and drop this habit of allocating people into neat little blocs, it smacks of Marxism, or even worse, social security departments.

Scargil et al, tried all that stuff yonks ago and look what it got them - Maggie Thatcher. Perhaps, the Blessed Theresa is an incarnation. Yes, we do have our fair share of 'stoopids' but eventually the penny drops.

"The penny drops"? Ahso. Google to the rescue.

Thanks, D&N. I learn something new here almost every day.

Fear not David, the guy representing junior doctors is not the type to waste his time diagnosing patients, let alone carving them up with a scalpel. No, his future is in the Doctor's trade union, the BMA.

This is the way in which the professional associations in this country have come to resemble something out of the old East Germany. Chaps like this who are no good at actual doctoring but who are competent shouty troublemakers take them over.

The panic starts to set-in at the DT ...

Declarations like "But that golden age of trade union activism is never coming back: the British public will never allow it." - when you put your trust in the British public you know you're getting desperate.

Besides, has the author contemplated my list above? And the fact that if you're under 50 you will never have known what Corbynite Britain was like, and you despise Thatcher, the free market, globalization, and neo-Liberalism? And the fact that the country bumpkins and dribbly-wrinklies have either forgotten, or actually yearn for a return to, 1975?

The DT is complicit in this calamity.


Well, I have.contemplated your list and you have omitted one rather large group. These are the brain dead who think that clinging to a French racket is a good idea.

Thank god for brexit.

The same swivel eyed loons whom SoD is always so quick to ennumerate are the descendents of the people who invented parliamentary democracy, free markets and created the most beneficial empire the world has ever seen under which about a quarter of the world's population were lifted from barbarism and allowed to enjoy the benefits of these freedoms, the fact that some of them hae sunk back into barbarism when left to their own devices merely serves to underline he original achievement...

THerefore we don't need drunken, petty dictators in brussles, and we'll deal with junior doctors by smacking their naughty bottoms, just like Reagan or Thatcher (PBUH) wuld have.

Well said, Cuffers!


Good point. It's always been a curiosity that the soft left Remainers are so enthusiastic about the EU's single market rules and regs, being, as they are, the vestiges of Thatcherism.

Their hard left comrades weren't so deluded. They always chastised the EU as a neo-Liberal, capitalist, etc. thing to be despised.

But now we've Brexited, the soft left will soon cosy up to their hard left comrades and the new order.

So yes, you can add the left Remainers to the list.



I agree with most of that.

By exporting our domestic bossy boots and pols to the colonies we achieved two things: -

(1) A "vacuum Liberty", a special form of "accidental Liberty", at home, that flattered to deceive we fully understood and constitutionalized Liberty, when we hadn't.
(2) A successful empire because even the barrel scrapings of modern humanity, aka the pols, are able to exploit at least something more from a bunch of savages who were previously scratching around in the jungle / desert.

The problem is that when the empire ended, it was pay back time: -

(1) The bossy boots, their culture, offspring, came home to roost upon us, vaporizing our "vacuum Liberty" and showing us up for the poor understanding and constitutiolisation of Liberty we actually - 1945-75.
(2) We were left with a deluded opinion of ourselves, magna carta, common law, great, etc.

And roost we are, and will.


The NHS: The nation's "family silver", envy of the world - errr, not ...


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