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Sunday, 21 August 2016


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An interesting point is that the book(s) have Aubrey pursuing an American ship into the Pacific. In the film of course, we couldn't have that, and the pursued ship became French.

O'Brian is one of the best writers of fiction relating to the days of sail. From book one to book twenty one the story of Aubrey and Maturin is fascinating. You have prompted me to start the series again as they sit on my bookshelves just awaiting.

Duffers the "sailing ship jargon" as you put it is perfectly clear and understandable. Much of everyday language we still use derives from the days of sail, tall ships, wooden walls and men of iron.

Alas, AussieD, my knowledge of *any* ship jargon is confined to 'the pointy end' and 'the blunt end'. Also, I make a point of avoiding the sea as much as possible, there seems to be an awful lot of it and not much of me!

Gave up reading the second one after the second pond or third mention of Trump and his implied similarity to Putin.
Unfortunately many MSM writers just can't mask their bias and we ignore the message.
Can that be right?

Not "pond". "or" Bloody technology.

A "ticklish" business is right! If most everybody attending knew the dearly departed, then a helpful line of delivery can be a paraprosdokian or two. It can tell enough to convey familiarity without being tactless or in poor taste. Maybe even a smile or chuckle or two.

Important aspects left out of the Granta piece on dishonesty in public discourse are scientific advances in psychology, advertising, marketing and public relations. Politicians and their supporting cast are becoming expert at crafting messages that appeal because people want to believe them, true or not.

A short introduction:

Dishonesty in public discourse is a necessity. We know "they" lie to us about the little things, but now we know "they" lie to us about the biggest and gravest things. If "they" do not do a proper job of maintaining the lies we have accepted...we will not vote for them. We the sheeple demand proper liars, even if they are criminals.

If ever one of "them" or someone who aspires to be one of "them" stands up and tells the whole truth, pulls back the curtains and opens the books to expose all, well, the level of riot and lawlessness unleashed across the population will be unmatched.

BOE, in the last few years, our ships may as well be "French".

With age, ones transom can become loose making balance and even walking difficult.

Once again, Whiters, you prove to be an excellent schoolmaster! "Paraprosdokian"! Never heard that one before. Shows my lack of a classical education, I suppose.

The "women" in the Olympics....or, "THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS". Always a catchy tune.

50 dead in a suicide bomb attack at a wedding. A teenage "culture enricher" that escaped Frau Merkel's open door.

I've heard of "Mom" jeans. Those must be "Rich Crazy Grandma" jeans.

Actually, Henry, they remind me of the sort of thing John Wayne used to wear in cowboy films.


ref ladies fashion

Way back in my childish days a common insult was say your mother wears combat boots. Hope there isn’t some kid who has to answer, “Yes she does! It’s the best part of her outfit!”


Actually the ship in the real incident was a frigate, the USS Essex, in the US Navy.

Except for the audience acceptance problem it would make a good character study about a Captain on an independent mission who loses touch with reality.


As you know, "Your Mama wears combat boots" is the semi-polite way of calling the other guy's mother a whore. It is a reference to the American Civil War camp followers who used to gather up the combat boots of the battlefield dead and wear them in place of their own inadequate footwear.


I think you are referring to a cowboy's chaps:

Hank. They did that with a guy called Queeg. I once served on a RAF Neptune sqn whose boss was just like Queeg.

Whooo! I didn't realise Sister Wolf was back.
I must go and catch up.

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