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Sunday, 28 August 2016


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The incoming landed on the other thread below. Feel free to copy paste it up here as it chimes as well with your rumble above.

Have you read it yet? It's only 40 pages ffs, I've re-read it in the time between it hitting your doormat and now (while doing a full time job)!

Here's a quote to spur you on: from Sir John Byng, commander of the wooden tops and designated winner of the battle of Waterloo by the Duke of Boot, to Sir John Colborne, the actual winner of the battle of Waterloo: -

"How do you fellows like our getting the credit of doing what you did at Waterloo? I could not advance when I did because all our ammunition was gone."


Here we go ...

The Brexiteers split into the Judean People's Front, the People's Front of Judea, and The Popular Front (our favourite, "he's over there"), and everyone's not even back from holiday yet.

By the time the Tory party has finished with itself over this, Corbyn's labour will look so much better it'll be running the show.


"A master plan for Europe". The Frankfurt School all over again? What to do about Brexit? Copy it.

"..., he was very different to the Winston Churchill we know today"
He was "different to"? Is this proper English at The Mail?

18.5 billion - and rising - reasons why the EU and the Euro aren't going to disappear any time soon: -



Name one :)

Not much of a rumble. More like a low moan.

A little island off Italy was not safe enough. They had to meet on a ship just off the little island.
What's the betting that no poor suffering refugee children were allowed anywhere near this ship?

"A dismal failure"? David, there is nothing dismal about you....

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