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Sunday, 07 August 2016


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It seems like Antisemitism is making a comeback within the global Left. They can hide it, they just can't help it.

Whitewall, do believe this the Labour Party has been well and truly taken over by the far left. I am a Labour member for many years and now do not get any correspondence.
I will not resign but just let them get rid of me. Getting on a bit and have heard all the leftie crap for decades. The left thinking they could take over by letting far lefties from other parties join and vote by paying £3 have done it and won. The Party will have to split as no decent person can stand by and watch the left fascists have their way.

Georgie Moonbat is fun though, even his name is a gift.

Just a brief (this time) from ol' JK for now as, it would appear (mebbe) we've developed a sort of fondness for one of our newer arrivals - Bob. (Dare I even type it? Mebbe even [oh okay in this case somewhat TheBigHenry!)

(TBH? You would agree would you not - Bob's of a whole 'nother universe as it goes to having an opponent to argue points with than, another example that might occur to at least three of us? 'Monocularly-challenged' ring any bells?)

Anyway y'all - the subject of JK's comment is NOT AGW-Direct rather harnessing the tides for renewables:

David, the oldies in the Lords will be vaulting over the sacks and trying to shagrabarti. Then she will get old and grey heided and superceded by a new bit of totty.


"TBH? You would agree would you not - ...?"
My short answer is yes, I would agree. But your question also gives me the opportunity to clarify for my co-commentators at D & N what my personal code of conduct is online (one that has evolved over the years):

  • I will be civil, unless ad hominem is hurled at me preemptively, in which case I may turn sarcastic (if the mood strikes me).

  • I will engage in debate if I feel I can add something of value to the conversation.

  • I will remain silent if I am convinced that whatever I may have to say will be dismissed out-of-hand.

  • I will welcome reasonably formulated counterarguments if presented civilly.

  • I will happily accept compliments, and respond gratefully, if time permits.

JK - I thought you went fishing!
So, go already.

Henry, you win the D&N accolade for appearing to understand JK's original comment!

Jimmy, you are a very naughty Jock boy!

Thank you, David. I like to win things, especially accolades.

Well, off you go to bed, Henry, with a smile on your face!

Here's the the thin end of the post-Brexit wedge that will broaden inexorably back to the future of 1975: -

Without the EU single market rules and regs, Blighty has no constitutional constraint on subsidisation, nationalisation, clientalism and patronage of large corporate monopolies by the executive, and all manner of anti-competition, anti-free market policy. The unions are already testing the water.

Any sign of weakness by May and the judiciary will be met with further union action, driving the wedge deeper.

Even if May and the judiciary hold the barricades for now, it won't be long before someone gets elected who either routs or willingly surrenders. Remember, Corbyn still polls 38%, in spite of all he stands for and the labour party chaos.

Basket-case Britain, the consequence of Brexit, is just around the corner.


Oops, typo, should be 28%, not 38%.


Nothing like a bit a gerrymandering slow up the rot ...

Just get me through to the grave, and then you Brexit socialists can do what you effing well want.


For goodness sake, SoD, your country (which zillions would kill for a chance to be a part) has muddled and mangled its way through a thousand years without a bunch of corrupt, anti-British crooks and idiots telling us what to do. Man up and be proud to be English!


As you've linked to this site before I'm certain we're both as aware as the other the larger number (likely 80%+) of commentors have been all along, in the tank For WhatserName

Still the opening paragraph JK figures, puts the entire matter pretty much plainest:

"Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton share a common attribute: their inability to control in a healthy way the highly public aspect of their lives over four decades. Owing to their mishandling of the visible part of their spectacular lives, neither would be electable were it not for the other. Trump vs. Clinton puts a burden on voters they have never faced so starkly before."

JK, see my latest post up above.

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