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Saturday, 20 August 2016


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"How it will resolve itself will be the thriller of the decade!" Circle firing squad?

That's far too efficient for the Labour party!

Brilliant idea Whitewall - however - and there is always a however - you could not rely on the wukkers pardy to have an even number of people in the circle.

I agree.

May would be very foolish to go for an election now.

Labour is still polling 28% against 42% Tory, in spite of Labour turmoil and May in her honeymoon period.

The Right don't seem to understand that Britain unfettered from the EU is intrinsically a Leftist, collectivist, statist country. The population ignores party turmoil, but votes for the leader, and they see in Corbyn what they think is the way forward. His struggles with his party will be their vote to help him surmount.

Let alone that great long list of Brit voter bases I can't be arsed to copy paste here again, who will vote for him come what may.

So May is fucked whether she goes early or late for an election, so she might as well enjoy her few years, coz that's all she'll get.

And that means either short term, or longer term, we are too (fucked, that is).


If Labour win a general election under 'Jezza' then I will vote to re-enter the EU!

I offered a wager of £10 to any D&N contributor a while back that Corbyn will be the next PM.

Not one taker - pussy farts!


PS deal's off now, you had your chance!

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