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Monday, 15 August 2016


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Well, now we know the answer to that age old question- "why are women in the restroom so long"? Now if only somebody can finally answer-"what do women want"?

It would be easier, Whiters, to work out the square root of -1 than the answer to your second question!

It's easy! Men with lots of money who b*gger off when you tell them to.

I can't remember who told this story, but your "Positive Attitude" story reminded me of it. It concerned a gentleman who had hit the ground with the aid of a broken parachute, and when he was asked if he were allergic to anything, shouted, "Yes! Gravity!"

That second man, Miss Mayfly, could have been me! I always hit the ground like a sack of you-know-what even when the parachute was perfectly alright!

Mayfly...thank you, I think! Now that I know, it seems a good time to load up my fishing gear and head to the NC Outer Banks. Fish tremble at the mention of my name.

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