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Monday, 01 August 2016


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Bob Hope was a class act and always good. He was a member of the decent generation.

Never apologize for blonde jokes! I am not a blonde.
A boyfriend never liked my blonde jokes - said they just weren't funny. I realised his ex and his 3 daughters were all blonde. So I changed the jokes to redheads. He found them hysterical. Yea, that relationship lasted long......
I am going to send the Bob Hope jokes to my Daddi-O. He just turned 90. He will love them

Indeed so, Whiters, and he was born in London, too.

Dear Miss Red, pass on my best wishes to, er, Daddi-O and tell him that '90 not out' is an excellent cricket score!

this was great for a laugh, i am going to take a few of these too work and share around, Cheers

Kahl, you are obviously a man of taste and discretion and there for doubly welcome at D&N.

Sorry to talk ill of the dead, but Bob Hope, if still alive, would be a subject of historic sex abuse investigation by the Met. It is on record that many of the young women who appeared in his films, and supported him on his tours of the military bases, had to do 'personal auditions'. There was a standing in-joke that he had more joke writers than Moses had followers to the promised land and that his ad-labs were well rehearsed. His wife spent most of her married life being humiliated again and again and one can only hope that when she became his carer after his stroke, that she took suitable revenge. Crosby, Lamour and Russell all hated him, which shows what good actors they really were. What the public saw was not what they always knew.

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