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Monday, 08 August 2016


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Number two is actually quite good!

Hah! I grew up hearing the Zebra thing said 'just like that'. Come to think on it, it is Still said 'just like that'. Some traditions of speech do linger and then spread.

The zebra joke is one of my all-time favorites. No, not because I am a racist -- some of my other favorites are self-deprecating Jewish jokes. The zebra joke is deliciously and outrageously (as well as ethnically and sacrilegiously) surprising in its punch line. Moreover, David, you left off the outrageous part of the punchline itself:

Because, said St. Peter, "If you were black with white stripes, God would have said, 'You is what you is, motherf*cker!'"

I love the zebra joke, with or without the m'f#cker.

Can't have a proper Monday Funnies without can we?

(As when ... from the vault AussieD)

JK, David and Andra,

In return for the thoroughly enjoyable flash mob vid in Moscow, I offer the following flash mob vid on a beach in Israel.

Love that Letters of Note.

That Russian flash mob was nice and that bride with red hair was pretty. I am a soft touch when it comes to red heads ;)

The beach in Israel was, shall I say...inspirational!


"... inspirational!"

You're welcome :)

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