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Thursday, 08 September 2016


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I checked him out on your wiki link, and found he is also
"the leader of the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE)"

So he is a sort of Belgian Nick Clegg, which is all we need to know. A minor correction, DD - it appears he actually founded the Spinelli Group, which means he is not at all liberal, and even less democratic.

I don't think there will be blood. Just look at the man's hairstyle. He looks like an ageing gay antique-dealer from Horsham.

"There will be blood.

Yes, indeed.


Went to Belgium once. Grandfather who was there in WW1 said it was a shithole and it obviously hadn't changed in the intervening eighty years.

The only memorable parts were the Menin Gate and the acre upon acre of headstones for British and Commonwealth soldiers. By rights there is enough of our blood in it that it should be a Dominion of EIIR.

And as for Verhofstadt he makes Boris' hair style look positively alluring.

Oh God, 'W', I didn't realise he was a founder member but the fact that he dotes on a dead communist tells you all you need to know about his 'democratic' credentials.

Calm down, SoD, it will only be metaphorical!

The only thing that truly impressed me in Belgium, AussieD, was the food. Positively the best cuisine anywhere!

Duffers perhaps I was a bit unkind. The beer was also good. Not sure about the food as it is some time ago. And contrary to most smart arse comedians I found the food in the UK to be great

One good thing about Verhofstadt is that he hates the English. We should send Mr Farage to negotiate with him. He won't be able to think fot the blood and bile!

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