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Thursday, 15 September 2016


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There is no economic or technological reasons for Hinkley. A cost burden for now and the future that is out of proportion to the profit benefit. If it works that is as up to now that is in doubt. A more sensible energy source would be fracking and gas powered energy producing plants. If it goes ahead it will be a political decision not a rational one that it does.

It's an appalling decision of course; the technology is unproven, the costs astronomical (and certain to rise much higher), and the idea of letting the Chinese anywhere near such a vital piece of our infrastructure is so insane as to be beyond words.

What's happened I guess is that Mrs. May has made this decision in exchange for some sort of understanding from the Kermits about how the Brexit negotiations might go (an understanding which they will, of course, refuse to honour when the chips are down), and also because the Chinese have told he she'll wake up with a horse's head in her bed if she refuses consent.

In other words, realpolitik rules.

And we will pay for it; oh boy will we pay.

Duffers - as far as one can see, the arguments FOR Hinkley are political/diplomatic and those against are technological and economic.

As you are a great admirer of real politik I guess that is why you find it hard to decide one way or the other. For simple souls such as myself the decision is easier.

If it is true that Mrs May has decided to proceed with it then that is a major black mark against her, just when she was doing so well.

Well, obviously, ordering a nuke power station built by the French and financed by the Chinese is an excellent idea. Especially as it is the 3rd station of this design to be built. Shame numbers one and two are still under construction, behind schedule and over budget. What could go wrong?

TheBigHenry is the guy to ask before any ya'll Englishpersons and imported to South Yorkshire at government expense Pakis and, if the Remainers has their ways with y'all Brexiteers, some of them Libyans who don't really look as much Libyan as they do Tuaregs etc etc. "The Courtesies" as Dear Leader Merkel would have me appreciate I guess.

But by TheBigHenry I'm not meaning to inquire/advise on y'alls immigrant thang rather your nuclear reactor designs.

(Should TBH not weigh in I'm sure y'all got a Malian available.)

Well, JK, I wasn't going to weigh in, but ...

There was a time when I knew a thing or two about nuclear reactors when I was working on my doctoral dissertation at Columbia University. But that was a half century ago! Reactor technology has changed a bit in the interim.

Moreover, my post-doc and professional careers careened into other nuclear-physics pursuits. Furthermore, I have been retired for 15 years, and my interests have shifted to less technical, albeit equally rewarding avocations -- duplicate bridge, reading (for fun, not profit), blogging, drinking wine, and napping.

I have a (rather) unique occupation in the blogosphere.

BOE, you summarise exactly my doubts concerning the project but I am keenly aware of my almost total ignorance.

Alas, JK, I started reading your link but quickly found myself drowning in salt water!

Henry, I checked you bio and I am shocked, I tell you, shocked at your disparaging comment concerning Merlot which, whilst not being amongst the aristocracy of wines, is nevertheless an excellent, workaday wine, always smooth and inoffensive. (Er, and cheap!)

I imagine - although it doesn't excuse it - it is a case of keeping the Chinese sweet, at a time when Mrs May can't afford to make too many enemies. I seem to recall there was an early episode of Yes Minister when he ended up making an interest free loan to a country to commission ships built in British shipyards (and a footnote in Jim Hacker's diaries confirm that is precisely what Harold Wilson's government did).


My comment concerning Merlot was a riff on a quote by the character Miles Raymond in the movie "Sideways" (which I heartily recommend):

Jack: If they want to drink Merlot, we're drinking Merlot.

Miles Raymond: No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!

AEP explains May has no choice but to accept Hinckley Point, now that we are Billy "No Mates" Blight ... : -

... We need all the friends we can get, and China and France will have to do.

If we'd stayed in the EU we could've flicked off the Chinese with the EU trade terms with China intact for us to continue working with. And flicked off France without losing the single market with them.

Instead we've hobbled ourselves. So much for "Take Back Control".


No SoD that's bollocks.

Thank god for Brexit!

Perhaps we'll have a Zomerzet "Chernobyl" apocalypse?

Apart from Country Bumpkins glowing in the dark, would anyone notice anything different?


Wrong link above, should have been ...


I suppose we could dangle the glowing cuntbumps from trees and then we wouldn't need any street lighting!

Of course it wll be obsolete before its finished. It's French!

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