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Thursday, 08 September 2016


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I take RL's point here, but I think it was an excellent result. Choudary was probably instrumental in exporting some of our toxic waste, and we get to jail him.

I was blathering on about "grumpy conservative muslims" being better value than MI5 in exporting our "toxic waste" (like it, Whyaxe, like it) to the self-service extermination camp of Syria on D&N donkey's years ago.

Bloody plagiarism.


The sooner weasels like Choudary get to check out their own 72 year old virgin the better for all of us.

If some weird beard here or in Blighty wants to go to Syria or some other Islamic hell hole to be a warrior for allah we should be more than happy to send them on a one way ticket. After all if they don't go there could be a shortage of drone targets unless the supply is constantly replenished.

You should write for the 'Speccie', SoD - ooops, er, let me think about that . . .

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