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Friday, 30 September 2016


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"This blog post was absolutely and definitely NOT written with the aid of three dry martinis!" Something more in the "herbal family"?

David, the last two posts show prejudices against inventiveness and science. You also seem to think the world could be flat. Do you also believe in spontaneous generation and get around Somerset on a mule?

Doesn't everyone?

No, no, Bob, my admiration for the late Mr. Biro is enormous. However, my admiration for stellar exploration is in inverse proportion to the amount of tax money it costs!

Oh, and there's nothing wrong with mules, they do be loved in Zummerzet!


Interstellar flights of fancy? Technically, it would take more than three dry martinis to get you there. You'd need some of Captain Kirk's warp drive in the mix to go interstellar -- that's between stars, BTW. The nearest star to our sun is more than 4 lightyears away (yes, I googled it, Dom).

The great jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes famously observed taxes are what we pay for civilized society. That includes NASA, which might have discovered a means for real life warp drive:

That would allow the more civilized among us to move to Zog, leaving the Earthling hoi polloi to continue mucking about with the likes of Brexit and Trump worship.

Bob, the sooner all you, er, 'civilised' people move to Zog the better. Then us 'earthlings' can get on with excellent ideas like brexit!

Bob to what grand leap of faith do you attribute the possibility that the Zogians would entertain the idea of a bunch of "progressives' settling on their planet?

If they are half smart they will have been monitoring the Nanny Statism of "Progressiveness" on this planet and will want nothing of it or its proponents.


I think the whole universe is just a huge, circular, spinning, painted canvas created by that prankster, God, and the north pole is simply the nail he used to fix it in position.

Actually that is a pretty good informal description of the cosmology of the Book of Genesis chapter 1.

God must have looked forward and cribbed from you blog. :- )

The European Space Agency isn't an EU organisation.

The UK Space Agency donates 10% of its funding to the ESA, and the UKSA itself is funded by HMG i.e. you.

So its actually British hooligans that are chucking your money at smashing satellites into planetary bodies.

And you just voted to be exclusively robbed by these British hooligans because "it's ok because they're British". So stop complaining!

You asked for it to be so, and said it was alright because they're British! Now enjoy while your money is smashed into comets with no checks and balances from EU regulations about state subsidization, nationalization, and anti-competition practices.

Smile and applaud, the interstellar firework party of your cash!


Surely Newton's Laws apply in outer space. Striking a moving object with another object, no matter how small, may affect the trajectory of the larger object. Not that it will bother us, but in a few hundred years time, the occupants of planet Zug may be wiped out as a comet carrying a bit of metal with "Made in Hong Kong" stamped on it, thumps into their little world. The Law of Unintended Consequences and all that. Still, we get to find out what the earth is made from, so that's allright then.



You might be right, but with warp drive we'd have a chance to find another planet advanced enough to give political refugees a chance. For the time being many Americans have been settling for Canada.

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