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Wednesday, 14 September 2016


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"Alas, certain other, er, critical dimensions are not vouchsafed ..."

Well to that ...

(And now any y'all not yet "in the know!" as to how I got the nickname "Terrapin" it first wasn't anything whatsoever to do with JK being slow.

Secondarily? Maybe.)

"I may have to fly over to the Galapagos and have a quiet word with Diego and try to learn the secret of his success."

Seven kilos of green leafy vegetables every day, and do it very slowly. Let us know how you get on, if you'll pardon the expression.

"I may have to fly over to the Galapagos ..."
No need. Just ask Diego's pharmacist.

Thank you JK for link - a little too much information

Well then Cuffleyburgers for some redemption of myself this:

I've your vote? (Take that as a firm yes but maybe no but then again have I, Cuffers, a third option, shall I?)

Sorry, JK, I couldn't read the whole of that, er, fascinating article because I began to suffer with GIC syndrome (Galloping Inferiority Complex)!

You David Sir, took to feeling an inferiority complex with Obama's being "scientifically named" ... in honor of ... a .. well yes Sir I'd imagine "begun to suffer GIC" against a flatworm would, naturally disaffect an otherwise upright Englishman but ... as it occasionally happens David you understand; it's The Science Boffins Do.

At your expense I figure you probably already know.

But I'm an American and, I can't help you with that inferiority complex. Such that it is.

Well maybe I can offer some solace as I notice missredn't

Lemme see ...

Hope that helps David.

JK, were all those pictured girls runners up for the title of Miss Arkansas?

If they are I want to know when the next 'plane to Little Rock is leaving!

Those pictures of a male turtle and his 'apparatus' pretty much killed my appreciation for turtle soup. The space between that gentleman turtle and his lady friend sort of gives a new meaning to "mind the gap".

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