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Wednesday, 07 September 2016


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Oh Lordy, when it comes to immigration, we hear May doesn't favour a points based system, and David Davis favours a work permits system, but May doesn't favour that either: -

"During her visit to China, she ruled out the introduction of an Australian-style points-based system for immigration policy as proposed by the Leave campaign, saying it was "not a silver bullet" to reduce the numbers coming to the UK.

But her spokeswoman poured cold water on suggestions that she has instead plumped for a work permit system which would require EU nationals to secure a job offer before coming to settle in the UK.
" - from this at 733am

What sort of immigration system dos she have in mind then?

Perhaps we could run a competition amongst the 52% of Brexiteers to decide on it?

Why am I reminded of the Python's "Summarize Proust competition"? ...

... And its spectacular winner: The girl with the biggest tits.


Sorry, the above should have been in the David Davis post.


Typical remainer!

The Chinese regard Obama as little more than a "houseboy". It really surprised me how well the Filipino president knew Obama. I guess our planet really is getting smaller. This doesn't even cover the "respect" Putin has for little Barry.

It seems Obama's "pivot" to Asia is more like bend over. Must be new yoga terms.

"Points based system" is nothing more than a convenient tough sounding sound bite used to keep the proles happy. Australia's immigration system is actually geared to attract settlers to move there and if the aim is to cut down on the volume of immigrants then their system - or anything like it - would be totally inappropriate to the UK as this article points out.

Work permits and hard Brexit look like the favourites in Billy "No Mates" Blighty's race to oblivion: -


The only glimmer of hope ...

JK, go tell Barney McGroo & Co their UK Sales Rep and Chief Quality Control Officer is all ready to get started!

I wonder which of the two, Trump of Clinton, would actually be mind t go for a Free Trade treaty with Blighty? Trump's got business interests in Blighty, but has opposition in his rhetoric. Hilary is luke warm to trade deals, but she's gotta trade with someone.

And for both, wouldn't Blighty make an ideal partner to give the bird to the Euros, while at the same time keeping close to them just offshore?


Perhaps not unexpectedly Loz, I recommend going with Trump.

And yep.

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