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Thursday, 29 September 2016


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Soccer is just a bunch of nancies running around aimlessly and when one of them actually puts a ball in the net it/he immediately runs across to the nearest corner and pulls his/its shirt off his/its hairless chest.

The Academy of Dramatic Arts on grass I tells yer.

That should stir up a bit of discussion Duffers.

“fat, stupid, greedy and classless” and “a braying mob of ­imbeciles”
Or, what it looks like when a rules oriented game meets the great unwashed middle class.

Too many interruptions this morning, AussieD, for me to list all the different sports which gone down the drain but rugby was going to be one of them. Today, the great puffed-up, steroidal dolts actually take every opportunity to either gauge the eyeballs of an opponent or bite lumps out of his other set of balls!

"The great unwashed" - exactly so, Whiters!

Sports figures have always been dubious heroes. Look into the biographies from the "good old days" and in many you'll find drug use (usually amphetamines, pain killers, or excessive alcohol), whore mongering, violent behavior, and so on.

Which reminds me, the golfers failed to give us full credit by neglecting to include "violent" in their cliche.

When a modern Western culture no longer has athletes as "heroes" to worship, singers and entertainers will soon fall by the wayside. All of these different people are shallow and represent something deeply wrong with our societies. Soon we will be confronted with the "who and what" should be heroic and fit to be worshipped. There is and will remain a giant hole in Western thought until that hole is filled.

And exactly what Bob, is wrong with whore mongering?

One definition of "worship" is to love unquestioningly, uncritically and to excess. It's just another word for idolatry. For what purpose does Western civilization need it?

But, Bob, the point about 'worshipping' sportsmen is that deep down we know that what they do is essentially trivial and therefore, a few nutters excepted, we don't really take them seriously. So much better than 'worshipping' a politician, a practice best avoided until after he is dead and buried!


Nothing wrong with it. One of the heroes of my youth was Wilt Chamberlain, the all-time greatest scorer in basketball -- 20,000 women!

So what does that Bob, have to do with whore mongering? And where'n the heck does your "worshipping" come into that at all?

Talent is talent Bob. And the other thing talent "enjoys" at the core is patience. Sometimes the ultimate patience as in, "Dad? I don't give a shit you paid me for the hour before, your son Bob doesn't get it anyway.

"Well he couldn't manage it this time anyway and if, what my sister whores insist is Bob's preaching, he will never even manage fish mongering!"

"A whelk stall?!! ... Not even a piss up in a brewery Sir!"

Bob and Loz of the planet Zog.

JK, please avail yourself of whores to your heart's, or whatever other part's, content. BTW, that last comment could have been written by someone in an advanced stage of syphilitic infection. You might want to have yourself checked.

David, some take sports quite seriously. Over here people have killed each other over high school games, and bad manners at European football matches is one of the few things most Americans know about your side of the pond. Assigning fantastic characteristics to sports figures, or any other persons, is a variation on religion.

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