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Sunday, 04 September 2016


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Come back Juncker-the-Drunker, please don't leave me with these people, all is forgiven.


Vaz can take a page from former rogue Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards: "People say I've had brushes with the law. That's not true. I've had brushes with overzealous prosecutors."

I hope Mutti Merkel looses very badly. Oh hell, I hope she is also removed from office bodily if necessary. Place her in a quiet room with soft colors and music. What she has allowed Islam to do to Germany is beyond forgivable.

Hillary-I can't recall-Clinton is starting to make Trump look competent and mentally stable. She has been and will be a threat to national security, just like her president.

Makes me wonder about those Vichy Republicans who have gone over to support her. They are doing so as a matter of "principle" no doubt. "Empress Maude" has such noble new comers.

Hmmm. Trump has business connections to various criminal mobs and foreign governments, praises Putin, would consider nuking Europe, wants to spend billions on a wall to keep out sub-minimum wage workers, claims Mexicans are invading while net immigration from Mexico is negative, has hired "illegals" and refused to pay contractors and employees on his construction sites, owns a slave labor shop for foreign fashion models, lies and flip flops constantly, won't shut up about how horrible the US is, knows nearly nothing about the Constitution or function of government, talks on a 4th grade level while calling rivals and critics childish names and has repeatedly insulted about 70% of the population. So clearly he has the upper, if tiny, hand.

Bob, it does make one wonder. But this campaign is one of "tiny hands". It is what we have come to.

Whitewall, it's what the *Republicans* have come to. I agree Hillary is a lousy candidate, and it should be a change-of-party year. However, the Republicans and most conservatives set themselves up for Trump by pushing the "Southern strategy" and ideas about government regulation, economics and militarism that clearly failed. Their everyday function relies more on PR and corporate toadying than honest lawmaking or philosophy. Democrats toady for big money interests too, but it's not as close to the top of their list.

We've had inferior types in the oval office before, and somehow the republic generally continues making gains. I'm not too worried.

Bob, that is a good one eye view point. HRC is a lousy candidate but she is more to the point a bad human being. But it seems that She and only She was going to be allowed. On the other side, the GOPe should have listened to the Tea Party base a few years ago. They didn't. They have had their "destructor" chosen for them. Either way, we as a nation are at a once in a century tipping point.

Bob at 1515. Reading your description of Trump, I wonder why you wouldn't vote for him? Sounds ideal for the job in hand.

David, "I'm grumpy because these days I don't have too many sporting heroes to worship, in fact, I don't think I have any!"

Bring back team jousting!

Whitewall, and Trump is a good human being? At least Hillary has had a long commitment to policies improving the lot of women and children. Trump has made some charitable contributions, but they're small for a man of his wealth, and he's far outdone by his son:

backofanenvelope, I only hit some of the highlights. The latest is about his foundation having made an illegal contribution to a Florida politician:

And this by a guy who's constantly making scary noises about the Clinton foundation. No matter how cynical you get it's impossible to keep up with Trump. The first presidential campaign I paid much attention to was in 1960, and I've never seen anything close to him. He makes Nixon look like a great man.

Trump does not have a trail of dead bodies, Bob.

I can't decide in which country, Britain or America, I'd least like to have the right to "voting and elections" in this day and age.


Sure. And he also didn't impregnate an interplanetary alien like the Weekly World News claimed Bill did, Whitewall.

So, who did impregnate the interplanetary alien then?

I noticed that the Chinese made Obama leave his gigantic aeroplane by the servant's entrance. I bet they wouldn't try that with President Trump. They wouldn't need to with Clinton, as she would need a lift to get off.

She would need a woman to get off.

"The result will be catastrophic for Europe"

Catastrophic for the EU perhaps, David, but Europe will be just fine, don't you worry.

"So, who did impregnate the interplanetary alien then?"

Well backofanenvelope who is a matter of some debate.

Hillary got back at Bill real good on that account. Ah the old days of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, America's first "good ole boy" ticket. Back then, a virgin was simply defined as a girl who could out run her uncle.

backofanenvelope, pictures don't lie. It's possible anyone and everyone around the Clintons has produced an alien pregnancy. They were prominent guests at Chelsea's wedding:

Whitewall, the "double bubba" ticket was more poetic.

Yeah I realize it ain't a "headline" properly speaking but, the prose does have a certain ring to it:

"Lee began his law enforcement career as an officer for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., from 1969 to 1977, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette archives. He then retired with medical pension after being injured when a police car hit the tow truck in which he was riding."

That'd be full-name: Andrew Jackson Lee. From his obit.

*** Whitewall may've well known the guy. Correct timeframe I think.

JK, time frame is exactly right as is location. However I didn't know of him. I tended to avoid authorities.

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