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Sunday, 11 September 2016


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David, my wife and I can sympathize with the family travails of helping someone who is frail elderly with her health and living situations. Hospitals and social service agencies can be a headache. It is helpful that she now has a new 'home', but even that can just be replacing old problems with new problems. We went through that sort of thing for 17 years and it takes a toll.

" This is the total prat who has decided that his female police officers should be free to wear the niquab,..." The West doesn't have to be defeated by Islamic invasion, Islam can simply watch the West commit suicide which is happening daily. Why is this chief constable not tarred and feathered and driven from his home? Defeat them or submit to them.

So tell me, dear reader, how will you behave as you stagger out of your local and are stopped by something that looks like a Dalek demanding you breathe into a bag?

One could wonder who is the most inebriated.

David, I agree Hillary's statement was dumb. It was nowhere near Trump dumb, though:

Hillary's statement was not dumb. It was deeply revealing on many levels, about her and the arrogance of "progressives" in general toward anyone who is not "them".

Whiters, without going in to all the boring details the 'problems' we have had with the lady are relatively minor, particularly, I guess, compared to your long travails. Still, to look on the bright side, it is all good practice for SoD to care for me when I become totally feeble - like next week! As I have always told him, I am determined to be a burden! And he always replies that I have been practicing for decades!

Bob, I will take a pass on Trump's no doubt imbecilic witterings. But the question remains concerning the febrile nature of American politics these days. Fair enough to slag off one's opponent but to designate millions and millions of American people as "deplorables" is monumentally stupid.

David, we seniors have a duty to become a burden to the young. It builds character! You seem fortunate to have a son and daughter-in-law who are good stand up people. Many seniors are not so lucky, even with children and grand children.


I hear you, bro. Loud and clear.

David, American politics has indeed become poisonous. It's a condition that waxes and wanes. What's going on now is nowhere near as venomous as in the days preceding the Civil War or during the Vietnam War, for example.

Also, I apologize. My changing the subject (to Trump) was a cheap trick I've evidently seen too often lately. Hillary's team has evidently decided that, since few voters are enthusiastic about her, the best strategy is to make Trump unacceptable. In my opinion her broad brush approach was weak. She could use much better and pointed ammunition. However, I'm not a political professional, and it could turn out her over-the-top statement will successfully compete with other over-the-top statements in our media.

Maybe so, Bob, if - and after today's unfortunate incident at the 9/11 memorial it's a big 'if' - she lasts long enough to reach election day!

September 11 is also the anniversary of the Benghazi attack. Karma maybe?

Dream on David. She was diagnosed with pneumonia Friday and insisted on keeping to her schedule during treatment. According to her doctor the dizzy spell was caused by dehydration and she's recovering already. Maybe you can find a Photoshopped picture of another infirmity like the "hole in her tongue" to make you feel better.

Full face covering and a police uniform [borrowed or stolen]. What a great outfit to wear while making an un-authorised bank withdrawal [12 gauge or .38 withdrawal slip optional]. Easy entrance to your bank of choice and no chance of being identified.

Duffers as I understand your system the Home Office is the ultimate authority over the various Constabularies. One would hope Chief Constable "Dim Dave" Thompson will soon be in receipt of a "snarler" [SNLR] from the Home Secretary. But I won't hold my breath.


You remind me of the classic line from the “Seinfeld” show, that “it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

Up2L8, what do you suppose is a lie? Be specific.

Bob, what do you think is the truth?

Up2L8, deductive or inductive truth that is demonstrably consistent and independent of belief. You know, scientific rather than subjective truth.

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