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Tuesday, 06 September 2016


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I was going to prepare a well thought out comment, with supporting evidence aplenty, with respect to all the particulars of this post. Then I realized that I have absolutely no clue as to who any of these politicians are, what they stand for, nor even why anyone should care what they do or don't do. So I was persuaded not to say anything.

Very wise, Henry, and if only I could follow your excellent example!

If the rest of us followed you two...then there wouldn't be much of a blog here? If nothing else, we can all relate to the " sticky glistening trail across the floor". That's the sum of politics!

Oh Lordy, a plague of Daddy-Long-Legs: -

I have the Mother and Father of all phobias for those critters, and I blame Brexit.


It's by no means certain that Vaz will lose his seat. He's got the massive Asian vote completely sewn up. Providing he keeps talking nonsense about immigration and Brexit, and doing the bidding of rich Asians, they might well be inclined to overlook a spot of boy-love.


Generally speaking, I speak for myself only. I would not presume to speak for my colleagues here at D&N. No disrespect intended.

Wonders of it all SoD. And I'll allow some indulgences of your, one hopes temporary, mental impertinences viz Brexit.

Serendipitously it would appear but, Loz you've solved for me a recent puzzler another English 'e-pal' and I have found decidedly perplexing recently.

I figured sure she's been on about pholcidae but it now appears the mystery was more entomological in nature.


Different Parliament I know but I see the Kaiserin's mob got their collective backsides handed to them on a plate in her own State election. Must have been something she didn't do.

Billy-No-Mates Blighty discovers his only friend is too busy washing his hair to come out to play: -

So it's back of the queue with uncle Sam, play "glow in the dark" in Zumerzet or else from Chinky, and a simple "we fluck offee" from Nip, and now Oz has joined the "shun gang".

What a playground to wander in to, naked as the day you were born.

It's WTO t's & c's for you, sonny, and 5-10% off GDP for the foreseeable (foreseeable = beyond all of our toes turned up days).

And a plague of Daddy-Long-Legs.


Theresa May's just posted a rather confusing Tweet ...

"Just call me Mrs Trump #Wall"


SoD, sooner or later, probably much later, you will grow to understand that Brexit is not simply about 'the dismal science' of economics.

Why do we need a trade agreement with Australia? We sell things to them and buy other things from them. If they don't buy from us, we won't be able to buy from them. I am afraid that on the Planet Zog, Brexit is all about economics, nothing to do with society, culture etc.

There is a theory that dark arts were afoot when David Davis made his speech at the Tory party conference. While the great and good were indulging in rich food and fine wines and liqueurs during the lunch break, it is suspected that cohorts of Cameron (without his knowledge of course), had the heating in the conference hall turned up. The result was as the TV showed it - loads of elderly Tories nodding off. His time in PR, aka manipulation and spin, obviously did not go to waste.

Even worse news - the pols want an "Industrial Strategy": -

One by one, all the terminally destructive characteristics of the 1970's are coming home to roost.

And I'm going to remind you of each one, over and over again, until the country collapses under the weight of them. The final pair left ringing in your ears being: "Bailed out by the IMF, and, cap in hand going begging to the EU to re-join".


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