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Monday, 12 September 2016


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Is the second one from Bob?

I never disclose my sources, BOE, although you can probably guess some of them! In this case the answer is 'no'.

The first one was so touching that I had to put down my coffee cup. It was empty anyway.

The one about the praying Grandson caught my eye and while its not exactly alike but, it does feature my first grandson and, sort of a "like a prayer"

Grandson was pestering his visiting Grandpa one day at breakfast, "Gramps, you'll never come around to see my school play as, you hardly ever visit even when you come up to the airbase. I'd really enjoy having you around Gramps 'cause you do neat stuff like play tricks on people at the airport and tell Grandma's (third) husband at Thanksgiving the guy is Obviously an idiot."

"Please come to my play!"

"I can't T, I simply must do/visit [insert lie] while I'm in town. Maybe next time."

"Gramps? What if I told you my teacher Miss [Smith] is actually the main reason I want you there tonight during the time she [forces] us kids to sing the [stupid] song 'cause I just know Gramps you'll [be brave enough to] blurt out something [inappropriate] like the other adults never do."

"How T, could Miss [Smith] possibly get me to do anything [but snore once the lights go down]?

Grandson winks across the breakfast table at his [remarkably youthful and studly] Grandpa and, "She's always really [clumsy?] and she's always dropping things like her pencil."

"What T? Grandson why on earth would you wish on your poor ol' Grandpa [the tasks of chivalry] to come sit in the front rows near the aisle and watch some kids theatrical production?"

"Like I said Gramps its not the play at all it's just that I want you in the audience when teacher drops her pencil!"


"No not anything like that Gramps. Its because she always wears such short dresses that, when she drops her pencil and bends to pick it up, you can see what she had for breakfast!"

I think, JK, it's time you wrote 'The Great American Novel' because you have such a way with words. For example, "remarkably youthful and studly". Brilliant!

I might just do that David.

But in the meantime might you be able, using your considerable thespian contacts to, award T an Academy Award even though the play was some seventeen years ago?

(Postscript. Nowadays when I visit Grandson provides for the tab at the saloon bar [at the airport].

No can do, I'm afraid, JK, but I would pay good money to see the pair of you, er, performing in the airport saloon bar!

I don't have a grandson. But one of my three granddaughters would probably have eaten the ice cream sundae before handing the empty dish to that "grouchy old bitch!"

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