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Monday, 05 September 2016


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Stop it my sides are aching.

I agree! These are the best yet! Around here I do right much cooking so that take a "whisk" will be pasted to the wall.

Trigger warning required - I opened up the cartoon featuring Keith Vaz's plonker contemporaneously with my snap box, and my cheese and tuna sandwiches immediately lost their appeal...

Cheese and tuna have appeal to be lost? :)

Aahh, makes your heart sing.

A thoughtful Scottish husband was putting his coat and hat on
to make his way down to the local pub. He turned to his wee
wife before leaving and said, "Di - put your hat and coat
on, lassie."

'She replied, 'Awe Bruce that's nice are you
taking me tae the pub with you?"

'Nay," Bruce replied
"I'm turning the heater off while I'm out.'

Well, here's a proper joke to go on with.

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