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Saturday, 01 October 2016


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I agree entirely about the "snap election". She doesn't need one. Corbyn's Labour does not need to be defeated. It proves itself ever more unfit to govern, and this is a rare situation when her own increasing unpopularity ("Events, dear boy...") will be outstripped by the idiocy of the other team. And, of course, there is no third party to hoover up the disaffected, which was Cameron's greatest legacy to her. I imagine she will hold fire and watch the opinion polls.

What's wrong with spotting the names on Stobart trucks Duffers?

After SWMBO and I were alerted to this little fact we would try and spot the names on any Stobarts we chanced upon whilst in your Septic Isles last year. Not the most memorable aspects of our trip but still a harmless amusement never-the-less.

Well, AussieD, I suppose it's alright if it keeps you elderly people amused but for us intellectuals, grappling with the problems of the world, nay, the universe, we simply don't have the time! I am constantly at the service of my blog readership, which might only amount to three men and a dog, but even so . . .

Every time repeal of the 1972 act has been suggested, experts have descended on us like a plague of blue bottles. All explaining that it is just not that simple. Now it seems it is. What is more, it is implied by the Tory 2015 manifesto, so they can force it thru' the House of Experts by use of the Parliament Act. Things are looking up.

"Expert"...a person with a brief case wearing a suit who is over 5 miles from home.

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