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Friday, 28 October 2016


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Lock 'er up, lock 'er up!


This is conceivably an exercise in bureaucratic ass covering on the part of Mr. Comey. It's too late for an investigation to have any effect on the election, but he doesn't want to give Trumpsters a chance to say he covered up a scandal. Not that it matters to anyone but him and the FBI. House Republicans have already decided to go the full golden oldie:

Our American tax dollars at work. At least they'll provide employment for otherwise worthless back benchers. Who knows, maybe Tim Kaine will end up in the Oval Office.

I suspect, Bob, that the one person even more totally pissed off with this latest discovery than 'HillBilly', is Mr. Comey who only a few days ago gave her a free 'get-out-of-jail card'.

The latest giggle-inducing news is that the discovery of something-or-other has come via the server used by that well-known 'perv', Anthony Weiner, husband to Huma Abedin who sits at the right hand of 'HillBilly'. The word is that 'HillBilly' has a vile temper and a mouth that would bring blushes to the cheeks of my old platoon sergeant, so I do hope that all her personal staff and bodyguards are keeping their heads down!

She must be thick as a box of spanners to have sent anything untoward to Anthony Weiner of all people, what on earth could it be, given his track record?

OMG. A really terrible visual image has just "flashed" across my mind's eye ...


You're a very naughty boy, SoD, for even thinking such things - go to your room!

Actually, I suspect that they are older than Weiner's gross offences, probably from back in the day when 'HillBilly' was in office and he was still respectable and his wife was her 'Best Friend'.

It's all going to get worse...karma's a bitch. But Trump is a pig. Wouldn't it be justice if HRC met her Waterloo because of Anthony's Weiner?

It would kinda round things off nicely for the Clinton dynasty though, wouldn't it?

To add to the decade or so of "Show us your willy, Mr President" we could now be about to add another decade or so of "Show us your poonie, Mrs President".

What on earth did we in Westeros do to deserve this?


Blimey, it looks like if HRC's missing emails were any place else in the world other than once being in her recycle bin, they'd be on Huma Abedin's devices and disk drives: -


David, just watched a news program with a clip of Trump calling Weiner a "sleeze" and a "perv" back in July. Think he'll try that line of attack now? Can this get any fuggin' weirder?


The word is that 'HillBilly' has a vile temper and a mouth that would bring blushes to the cheeks of my old platoon sergeant.

She was in route to Iowa when the story broke, can you imagine the panic on the plane. I wonder how many four letter words were spoken in the first 20 or 30, after she loaded into the motorcade.

"What the **** is this **** about? I pay you ******* ******* a ton of ******* money to keep this **** under wraps. Get me that ******* Soro's on the ******* phone"

I am not getting my hopes up. If it walks like BS and talks like BS and even smells like BS -- it's probably BS. I have to agree with Bob on this one. I had the same thought as he did when I first read about it. Comey is trying to cover his own ass. He doesn't want to go down in history as the Director who politicized the FBI. So he is making a retroactive effort to appear impartial. It will eventually peter out. It will not affect the likely outcome of the election. But I don't think, in the final analysis, it will vindicate Comey's decision to give HRC a pass on her indictment. Unless HRC's minions get to write the history books of the future.

I was once told that once sent an email cannot be deleted. Somewhere out ithere it will be floating around.


If you have an email server with an ISP (internet service provider), depending on what configuration you have to collect your emails, the emails will persist on the ISP's email server for some time. And the ISP will likely be backing up the email server periodically. So even if you delete all your emails on your device (phone, PC, etc.), an investigator who has the power to access the backups of your ISP will be able to retrieve your emails from those backups.

But HRC and, presumably, Huma were using their own email server. So when HRC emailed Huma, the email never left the building. It simply moved from one place on their home email server (HRC's mailbox) to another (Huma's mailbox).

If the IT company were backing up the home email server, then, like the ISP, they could restore the backups to retrieve HRC's deleted emails. But I guess they weren't doing backups, otherwise she'd be in jail.

However, Huma would probably have been cc-ed on almost everything sent by HRC, given her "information manager" role. When it comes to deleting emails from the devices (phones, PC's, laptops, iPads, etc.) HRC might have been thorough with her IT company in assistance. And Huma might have handed her *current* device back to the IT company for scrubbing. But what if Huma forgot that her hubbie was now using some of her *old* devices? These would still have any emails sent to her by HRC (for example, in Microsoft Outlook. I have personally hunted out lost emails for dippy CEO's in the Outlook email files on old devices, with great success).

HRC could be seriously fked.

And it also raises the question: Why didn't the FBI think to ask Huma, HRC's "information manager", for *all* her devices she'd ever used and was still in possession of, albeit her hubbie just now, not just the one she had in her hand at the time? Why did it take a parallel investigation to discover Huma's emails on her old devices that hubbie was using?

I'd say 70:30 HRC's gonna do time.


"I'd say 70:30 HRC's gonna do time."

Jolly good show, SoD, for the first time in yonks not only did I understand what you were waffling about but it actually cheered me up!

My own favourite explanation of the latest interesting development, is that the upper echelons of the FBI have decided that Trump is going to win and they don't want an angry president on their cas!


Stepping back and looking at the whole thing in the round for a second, consider the sentence: HRC's official emails are found on a pervert's non-official laptop due to HRC's actions.

How is that, under any circumstances, merely "extremely careless", and not "criminally negligent"?


Ok, so if it's Trump, he'll rip up TTIP, and to give Merkel and the Euros the middle finger for not spending enough on defence, maybe, maybe, he'll sign an FTA deal with Blighty.

That would kick the low productivity shit out of Blighty's public sector, prevent state subsidization, and provide independent courts with American legal eagles to enforce it.

With a bit of leniency on freedom of movement for techie metros I could come and work for the FBI and help them with their email problems and escape Brexit Britain (oh balls, sorry).

Hey JK, the "contemptibles" just got another recruit. And Barney McGree and crew's UK export manager is chomping at the bit ...


Btw, here is the absolute worst case for HRC: -

Just read the first few paragraphs to get the gist.


If Huma's Outlook was configured in this manner, to access HRC's mailbox as an assistant (which is Huma's role), and Huma configured Outlook to sync HRC's mailbox so she could work with it offline, then all Huma's previous devices will have HRC's ENTIRE MAILBOX ON THEM AT THE POINT IN TIME THE DEVICE WAS LAST LOGGED ON TO BY HUMA.

So, if the device was last accessed by Huma BEFORE HRC deleted the emails, ALL OF THE DELETED EMAILS WILL BE THERE.

So for the few years, a pervert and non-official has been waltzing about with HRC's entire mailbox, including the ones she recently deleted, in his pocket or briefcase, due to HRC's actions in setting up a home email server.

Who needs Rooskie hackers or Snowden when you've got HRC? And if Uncle Sam would put Rooskie hackers and Snowden in the slammer, why not HRC?


In my long years as an int officer, I came to conclusion that the chief characteristics of our ruling classes were a combination of ignorance, arrogance and stupidity.

Yep, she was using Microsoft Exchange 2010 email servers ...

For three months she had no encryption certificate. So if she'd logged on to collect her email in a foreign country, anyone able to sniff the network she was using, like foreign security services, would have seen her password in clear text i.e. unencrypted.

And, she had no multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication is when you logon and as well as your password you have to provide another bit of information sent to you as a text message, or an app on your phone, that only the bearer of the phone has access to. MFA prevents what's known as "brute force" attacks, where the hacker repeatedly guess passwords using bot software. I'd love to see the authentication logs on that server, bet the disk drive holding them filled up pretty quickly with failed logon attempts!

And finally, the link in my comment above is for exactly the right software and version - Exchange server and Outlook 2010. So if Huma was configured to open HRC's mailbox in the manner described, every device Huma used and handed to someone has a snapshot in time copy of HRC's mailbox.

I'm not sure what more you could do, technically speaking, to open yourself up to sharing official data with all and sundry - short of handing your emails to a Rooskie agent or WikiLeaks via Snowden.

Dear, oh dearie, me.


SoD, I'm with yer dear old Dad on this email stuff. I appreciate your explanations in a way that some of us can understand. This appears to be your bailiwick.

BoE, I came to the same conclusion yesterday afternoon, about 2230, your time.There are polls for publication, whose principal purpose is people herding. Then, there are the internal polls, and they are usually dismally correct. One thing we have noticed, in observing your elections and ours, is that polls tend to "tighten up" in the last few days before the ballots are cast. Cynics and paranoiacs think that this is part of an effort to steal the election. Maybe so. However, there is something more.The polling companies do not want to get a reputation for shilling or for inaccuracy, so they cover themselves with that "close election" thing. If Comey knows what those internal polls say, and you bet your um, envelope, he would know, he does not want a Trump-appointed Attorney General to have everything tied in a neat little package come 21 January of 2017. Further, I am not sure which of your institutions is a good comparator, but one is inclined to think of HMQ in this regard, someone above and outside politics, of absolute, rock solid integrity, and that would be your ordinary FBI agent. They represent America better than anyone in the House or Senate. A crooked FBI agent is a much greater shock to our system than a crooked politician. These guys are supposed to keep a lot of secrets, but they do not live in Buckingham Palace. They are in our neighborhoods, churches. Their kids attend school with our kids. There are certain questions which not to answer is to answer. A facial expression of pure disgust is hard to hide. This is how the word is seeping out, that the Agents are in full throw-up mode about all this. They will reach pension age, and some of them right soon.

The story will be told, in sordid and stinking detail. Representative Gowdy will not have to look hard to find and turn over the right rock. The media brought down Nixon, but they may not be able to cover for the Hillary. The House will be Republican. The Senate may turn Democrap. However, if the stink is powerful enough, even the Dems in the Senate will have to vote to convict. So, the election may turn on a few votes and even if the Witch is elected, she might be impeached. This is something to be avoided.

There is also something coming that even the dullest Democrap pol can not miss. The American economy has been covered in so much Bondo, they have had to put Bondo on Bondo. One slight bump in the road, and the whole thing will shatter. If a Republican is in the White House, he can be blamed for this sudden eruption of reality, which has been postponed since Bush II. Even the things that he saw and tried to repair, like the mortgage bubble, are still with us. I do not like this view of our future, and neither should you, because if we sneeze y'all get a cold. However, the Left thinks strategically, and, if they see what's coming, this Hillary mess will be such a clever cover for them.

I hope that Trump will, somehow, avoid the Governmental option in dealing with the coming crisis. We did avoid it in the early twenties, and so did you all, in the thirties, and the troubles ended quite soon, as God or the geologists measure time.OR, we could have another Roosevelt, who would find so many three-letter agencies to create that he'd run out of alphabet. This is why we have objected to Trump, that he is not an actual conservative. (Classical Liberal) Sigh. It is time for brunch. Then, maybe out to pick up a few aluminium cans. In preparation for the coming collapse, no accumulation of cash is to be avoided.


Many thanks for the well constructed explanations as to how info HRC had permitted (by action/inaction) to be stored on unclassified & unsecure device(s).

Just one thing.

Streetwise Prof sez "Just moments ago I read that the FBI did not have permission from Justice to actually read what they had discovered"

Sounds hard to believe, but in the runup to this US election, who would bet against it ?

Kind regards

David, the phrase "You couldn't make it up!" keeps occurring!

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