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Sunday, 02 October 2016


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Even the arch-B-worders know oblivion beckons: -


Israel is under siege not only by Arabs, but by Jews world wide. This human refuse under the banner of the BDS movement is the very worst.

Dominic Lawson is usually worth reading, I think, and Rod Liddle but otherwise there is an awful lot of dross in the ST these days.

Didn't Khomeini ban chess from Iran, because of his (wrong) belief that it is an American game?

The ST sneaks in lots of anti-Brexit stories in their money and business pages and wherever else they can (Travel, Homes etc.). It's almost as irritating as SOD.

Apropos the beheading of chess bishops in Iran, I believe the kings will have to be circumcised if they hadn't been already. And then the queens will likely have to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). As for all the contestants in the Women's International Chess tournament ...

There are no Kings, Knights or Bishops in Wymmins Chess as they represent the repressive male dominated heteronormative society the wymminses hate so much. Well there might be a couple of female Bishops I suppose given the tendency of the Anglican Church to be progressive.

Is male chess so physically taxing that there needs to be a wymminses tournament?

As for Israel I do not know any of my fellow Jews who are not fully supportive of Israel. I have never been there and do not intend to go for no other reason than it is not high on my list of things I must do before I have to explain all my past misdeeds to my Maker and I doubt I'll get down the list far enough to visit Israel. Then I might not be a good source as my Jewish [and non-Jewish] friends seem to be to the right of that notorious Socialist Wimp Ghengis Khan.

As a totally irrelevant comment one of my Uncles, a soldier in the 7th Division, 2nd AIF, visited Israel [then the British Mandated Territory of Palestine]on his way to punch up the Vichy French in Syria and then the Germans and Italians in North Africa. As this is a blog of genteel nature I will not repeat his opinion of Arabs.

Well, Aussie D, I have a pretty fair idea of what your good uncle's thoughts on Arabs may have been.
I have thoughts on Arabs and they're not pretty.
When I was living in St. Kilda many, many years ago I very nearly went, along with everybody else in my area, to Israel to fight in the 6 day war. As it happens, the war was over before any of us got organised.
But, I'm ready! Well, almost.

G'day Andra,

June 1967 I was in uniform in HM's service and she takes a dim view of her personnel participating in "foreign wars" if we are not a belligerent party.

There was however a strong feeling and expression of support for Israel among my fellow officers.

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