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Sunday, 09 October 2016


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David, our invitation seems to not have arrived promptly?

Speaking of Little Barry...well, he's a waste of time as a President, an American and a man.

MEANWHILE, IN NON-REALITY-TV NEWS: Russia is moving nuclear-capable missiles into Kaliningrad. Most Americans won't know where that is. Most Europeans will.

Dammit, Whiters, and I have the dry martinis mixed, chilled and ready to serve!

Honestly, bunch of girl's blouses, the lot of you.

You've got to stop Putin somewhere, sometime. Better it's via a bunch of Hairy proxies in Syria now than anything direct ourselves later.

I wonder if all the pressure is getting to Putin. Maybe his political resources are running low in the Kremlin. And Syria plus the sanctions must be costing a fortune.

Only Uncle Sam could end the war in Syria. And it's not in his interests to do so while Putin's being slow roasted and the Hairies are too busy fighting each other to harm us.

Stiff upper lip, for goodness sake.


"the women are actually catching up with the men in fitness tests." Yes yes but get to the really important stuff...what about the "transexuals" and "bisexuals" and cis-gendered 'where is my hardware' soldiers? THAT is what makes a modern fighting force. And sensitivity trained officers to boot.

Ooooh, ooooh! By George and all the Saints! : -

The Remainers and soft Brexiteers are rallying together!

How will Michael Heseltine, Ken Clarke and pro-EU Tories vote in that motion!?

And how does the effing constitution work to get the motion into parliament in the first place? ...


"The move could effectively sink plans to leave the single market"

C'mon you beauty!


Oops, link fail ...


Whitewall my dear Sir?

It's abit more complicated than "our man" John Schindler would have it (wudn'tcha know?) ... you do recall Whiters 'somebody' mentioning some months ago the Russkies 'importing' swarthy Arabic speakers via "the Northern Route"? The Africans importing at the expected Frau Angela's courtesies?

All ol' JK is pointing out is, the reason[s] the Iskander is making an appearance is ... well, "Do not thank God for either Obama or, for damn sure, Hillary"

You've really made a mess over there, one powerful enough to bring back Tony Blair from the dead:

"No more rumbles today I have been consigned to domestic duties!" I'm trying to imagine you in a white apron?

JK, I remember that and somebody pointing it out. Sweden deploying troops anywhere is a waste as they will be needed to rid the country of the newly arrived "culture enrichers" from the Religion of Peace. Soon I hope.

Sweden has troops?

David I did manage the BFT in 18 mins on one occasion however we did have a bash on in the Mess later.

Whitewall, the Swedes have lost the plot in life which may lead them to losing life. I doubt they can retrieve their country. They are a good and decent people but have allowed the opposite into their country. And it is happening all over the EU. Some anti British EU countries used to complain about British troops on the streets of Northern Ireland but now we have have thousands of EU troops heavily armed on the EU streets. They the politicians have fucked up but do not have the humility to admit to it.

Jimmy you put it all very well. Insanity has over taken Europe and not to be outdone, our "president" is also afflicted with the same mental illness.

SoD if the UK wimps on Brexit and stays with the EU then you deserve all the "Hairies" exercising their right to free movement that will fit in your island. Better start learning the contents of that incitement to violence a.k.a the Quaran.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Gilt yields have finally started to price in the meaning of Brexit: -

£1.5 trillion debt @ an increase in borrowing costs of 0.2% since June 23rd = £30 billion extra interest onto the deficit per annum, when the debt rolls over.

Here’s the schedule …||GILT%20MARKET%20(10)&reportpage=Issuance_Calendar

We can watch the auctions like we did Greece, going “oooh”, “aaah”, and “that’s going to hurt in the morning”.

How long before May, Rudd, and the Brexiteers piss and shit their collective knickers and revert to soft Brexit?

And then the Euros stay firm with a “Non”, “Nein” “Neh” to soft Brexit, unless we allow freedom of movement.

Another national humiliation to add to the heap, as we go begging back to them, cap it hand, saying it was all a terrible mistake.


Looks like the treasury's forecast of £66bn onto the deficit, the basis for "Project Fear" ...

... will be an underestimate, given we've already just taken on £30bn extra deficit for the 0.2% increase in gilts yields.

If gilts go north to 2 or 3% it's game over for hard Brexit.

SoD's Nirvana - the EEA - beckons. In the EEA we get the single market, freedom of movement, and we're outside the EU customs Union. So we get to negotiate FTA's with the rest of the world.

C'mon you beauty!


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