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Monday, 24 October 2016


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I had been wondering if this performance would be all you had hoped and I'm glad to see it was! No leaving at intermission, no grumbling about mumbling actors and no bad reviews here on the blog. Good show all 'round!

Yes, Whiters, it was first-class but with one tiny caveat. The lady playing Lenin's wife was black. She was excellent and had mastered the Russian dialogue exceedingly well, but, even so, she was BLACK and it sticks out like a sore thumb! It's just pathetic!

BLACK!? Steady now! Guess somebody failed to order a "White Russian"?

Very witty, Whiters, are you sure you didn't have a hand in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'?

David, much prefer symphonic music to theater but share your interest in history. Just got back to the states from Canada where we visited this "castle":

The War of 1812 was just another skirmish to the British, at least at the beginning, but helped make Canada and the US separate countries. You might enjoy looking into it.

Bob, what an extraordinary building! Who put that massive extra portico right in front of the rather elegant one that stands behind it? Bit of 'builder's overkill' in my opinion!

According to the interpreter, Sir Allan MacNab made a huge windfall in real estate and put an unheard of amount into building the mansion as the picture shows. The interior is likewise opulent. His free spending ways led to his dying in poverty. The powder magazine from the British military encampment is part of the cellar.

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