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Monday, 03 October 2016


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Congrats on your wedding anniversary Duffers!

(Wish I could say the same for the jokes.)

Sorry about that, Timbo, but I am utterly reliant on my little elves in the Joke Mine. It's so very difficult to get good staff these days!

Incidentally, Timbo, and any of the rest of you, if you have any good jokes, or even fair to middling jokes, please e-mail them to me. You will find the link over on the left underneath the list of "Recent Comments".

Congratulations, and have a great day. I hope you remembered the flowers, and have booked somewhere expensive...

Congratulations to you and memsahib, dear duffers. A great achievement indeed.
Oh and the jokes are just fine as usual, thank you. I will try to be more diligent in sending jokes, but usually the best ones in my emails are from you.

David, congratulations to you and the long suffering Mrs! Fifty two years is something to be proud of.

Your new wife (What did you do with the old one?) obviously has a very good sense of humour. If she had consigned you to the compost heap years ago she would out and free these last good many years.

Is thinking and adult common sense peaking through in academia?

Happy anniversary, David. Who would have guessed there's more to you than curmudgeonly political opinion?

Congratulations, David.

Best wishes,

Thank you all for your good wishes, much appreciated.

Just shows what a remarkable woman the memsahib is.
Fancy putting up with you for all that time!

Congratulations, David. These days, any marriage which lasts more than a few years seems to be far from the norm. When the Boss and I were celebrating our 40th, a few months ago, we were asked what the secret of a long and happy marriage was. I explained that when we married, we agreed that I would make all the major decisions in the marriage and my wife would make the minor decisions. The result is that in 40 years of marriage, I have never had to make a major decision!


Sounds like the first decision in your marriage was a minor one, namely, who decides whether a decision is major or minor.


Congrats to you and the Memsahib.

I gather you follow my fathers rule:

When you are wrong -- apologize.

When your right -- Apologize profusely !!!

Seemed to work for me.

Hank, Amen!

My fellow learned very early on to say "Yes, dear."
Wise move!

As I and my far better half approach, (in three days time, actually); our 49th, we extend our own congratulations to you; and commiserations to your good wife.

As for the 'jokes', I notice that you have derogated entirely from the politically-correct ideas which should have been burnt into your protesting mind many years ago.

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