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Thursday, 17 November 2016


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"And to add that extra dollop of delicious cream to this tasty morsel of news, the Russians will be mightily pissed off, too! Oil/gas is one of their principal exports as well, so if they actually conquer Syria all they will own is a zillion acres of sand!"

Exactly why Obama was so cute in sucking Putin into the ME while keeping the US out.

You'd have thought those who fought using scorched earth policy successfully in two existential conflicts would've seen the worthlessness of what was beneath their feet in the ME.


The Saudies are an unlovely lot. Their grandfathers were born in tents and so will their grandchildren. Lawrence of the burning sands did everyone a great dis-service in presenting them as noble warriors.

Not that I am at all biased.

The best bit is barely touched on. Fracking is getting cheaper by the year. Since the price of oil is now principally determined by the cost of fracking, oil prices are on a long-term down.
Speculation- some of the techniques being discovered to make fracking cheaper might be applied to make the development of conventional oil fields cheaper.

Pat has hit on the main point. West Texas has always been home to a lot of oil and gas. It is also home to some mighty fine music too. The boys in Saudi Arabia had better hurry up and diversify their economy...maybe free the women to do some thinking and creating for a change.

Good advice, Whiters, but, alas, I fear it will fall on sandy ground!

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