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Monday, 14 November 2016


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I hope "The Donald" asks for the bust of Winston to be returned to the Whitehouse. After all he was half American and they should be proud of him as well.

Mind you down here his reputation is a bit of a two bob each way job as he didn't want to release our AIF Divisions from the Middle East to return to Oz to confront the Japanese. And he was not all that popular for his ill conceived adventure on the Gallipoli Peninsula in WW1 which cost us 26,111 casualties of which 8,141 were killed.

Still and all he was as far as the European War was concerned the right man in the right time.

Totally off topic but Duffers is driving to London so probably won't mind. TBH your site has a photo of the Lofoten Islands attributed to Ole Henrik. Have you been there? If not you should go. SWMBO and I were there last year - absolutely stunning - as is the whole Norwegian coast up to and around North Cape.


Rat (well, half rat, actually) #3:

"We're gonna drain the swamp".

True, but did he mention he was gonna fill it again? ...

... Plus all his old Bob-the-Builder businesses and buddies and those juicy debt funded construction contracts - a good solid aggregate for the swamp-bed.

Well the old swamp might smell a bit fresher for a while, but the stink won't be long in coming back.

The "new normal" will resemble the "old normal" soon enough.


Rainy and windy there too? Yesterday I drive all the way to the coast for a few days fishing and some yoyo schedules a nor'easter. Should be out by evening. Fishing is good after a weather front.

From the looks of things, these anti Trump "protesters" are very similar to the anti Brexit rabble. Imagine that!

I take it Whitewall, you noticed Loz' link comes courtesy of the BBC?


Can you not restrain yourself from making such sweeping judgments about Mr. Trump's Presidency until he is actually sworn into the Office of the Presidency? Are you in some sort of race to see who can predict the future more accurately based personal bias and low information?

This is not prognostication, but a little history lesson and the opinion of a man that helped bring down Nixon:

This is also not prediction, but submitted for your consideration only. Trump has a lot of enemies in the both the public and private sectors because of the way he has conducted business and politics. He's also generated a lot of records of business transaction and already settled lawsuits. He has not yet released his taxes as he has promised to do. Furthermore, the Fancy Bear/Wikileaks operation used against Clinton will now be available to use against the president, not just a candidate. Think Putin might take advantage? Be prepared to see our past dysfunctional government seem absolutely brilliant.

Rat (conditional rat, actually) #4:

To his legal team: "Leave those 'nice people' - the Clintons - alone."

So long as they keep quiet in the background while he and his swamp refilling team get their snouts into the swamp for 4-8 years, thereafter Chelsea and whoever else is still breathing in the Clinton family are welcome to have another go!

In the immortal words of John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) ...


"Be prepared to see our past dysfunctional government seem absolutely brilliant."

[H]e governs best who governs least.

Canon of the Apocrypha


You disappoint me. Again. Every time I think we have made some headway towards a reasonable rapprochement, you immediately resume your disingenuous attack mode. Can you not give the rancor a rest. Just a little respite would be greatly appreciated. You have four years of opportunity to assail everything Mr. Trump says or does. At least wait until he is inaugurated.


My comment has nothing to do with rancor or being disingenuous. I'm seriously wondering about these things. I'll stop thinking when I'm dead.


I have not visited Lofoten. I would consider visiting unless the Vikings have submitted to sharia law.



I didn't ask you to stop thinking. Everyone will be entitled to their own thoughts under Mr. Trump's Administration (he made that promise to me personally). I merely suggested that it is not necessary to share all of your thoughts in a forum where some participants think most of your thoughts are not well thought out.

JK, maybe SoD and the BeeB are golfing friends?

TBH the "Vikings" we met from Oslo to North Cape were in no mood to put up with Sharia or anything else from "the Religion of Peace". Unlike the Swedes they are showing the door to those who try to upset their way of life. Their opinion of Swedes was not very high. I shouldn't like to mess with those who live outside Oslo.

The only thing I didn't like about Norway was the price of booze. Taxed beyond belief. The locals we spoke to north of Bergen tended to make their own beer and distill their own spirits - illegal of course but they had a healthy dislike for government interfering with their way of life.

Just about everyone speaks English which made communication easier. I spent a fascinating hour with a local at Svolvaer on Lofoten. He had been a young boy when the RN destroyers entered the fjord on their way to attack the Germans at Narvik in WW2 and watched the battle unfold in front of him.

I'd go back tomorrow if I could.


Thanx for that reassurance. I guess I was mixing up the Swedes and the Norwegians. Is there some way to tell them apart for an American like me? It would be kind of awkward if I asked a Norwegian if he accepted sharia, and he turned out to be a Swede and decided to cut my head off.

Like anywhere TBH - people differ. From my limited observation from those I met the difference between a Scandinavian Swede and a Scandinavian Norwegian was one of attitude. Though there is a world of physical difference in appearance between a "native" Norwegian [blonde or dark haired] and one of the sons or daughters of the Prophet.

The kick back against "unruly" immigrants was very noticeable even in Oslo. Outside of Oslo there is no tolerance for it. The way of life in the more remote coastal areas depends on people getting on with each other so attempting to impose alien ways on the locals would not be tolerated.

Like any community it would have its share of ne'r do wells but overall a lovely place with friendly people.

Rat #5.1, #5.2, ... , #5.4000:

For those behind the paywall, here's the relevant bits: -

"Lobbyists dominate his transition team. They include Jeffrey Eisenach, who worked for Verizon – America’s largest mobile phone provider. He will help pick staff for the Federal Communications Commission. Big Food will have its man at the Department of Agriculture with Michael Torrey, a lobbyist whose firm numbers the American Beverage Association and Dean Foods, a dairy conglomerate, among its clients.

When power changes hands in Britain, senior civil servants remain in place. This is not the case in America where as many as 4,000 government posts change hands. This gives enormous power to the transition team as it selects candidates to fill these vacancies. Some fear that this will embed commercial interests deep into a Trump administration. Barack Obama banned transition advisers from working in areas where they had previously served as commercial lobbyists. It appears as if Mr Trump is less concerned at potential conflicts of interest.

The president elect promised to clean up Washington and, as he put it “drain the swamp”. Within a week of the election it is already looking as if the swamp monsters are set to thrive under a Trump administration."


TBH, I would counter that there is too much reliance on fake news and odd priorities in these parts. Please explain how we can't know anything about Trump's administration after you read this:


I was not going to continue this particular thread, but since you said, "Please explain ..." I will respond thus: I do not wish to continue discussing the pros and cons of the two major nominees for President of the United States, now that the Election is over. Just as many other voters, I have had much more than my fill of such discussions to last me another couple or three years until the cycle begins again.

Best, Henry

Fair enough, TBH.

Bob, you're doing god's work here, trying to hekp them grasp that Trump is a conman and a scumbag, but they just won't have it.

Eh Sister Wolf?

Now we must address "Friar Bob"? Mebbe "Pater Bob"?


Sister Wolf,

They'll begin to realize it before long, and we'll be here laughing.

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