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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


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We're on quite the anti-science track, aren't we David? Once Mr. Stephen Meyer's prostate starts acting up he might change his ideas about how "intelligent" the design of the human body is.

Trump might just do what Mr. Meyer suggests. Then again, he might just do almost anything else. But do keep faith, old boy.

"Anti science", Bob? And your definition of that is what, exactly?

I have no more faith in President Trump than you do but it gives me the chance to use one of my favourite Shakespearean quotes:
"Hence shall we see,/ If power change purpose what our seemers be".

David, I agree with the quotes from the article and most especially with your two summary sentences. A healthy Anglosphere is good for the world.

I would add that such a deal might be the first in a series which would eventually include all the English-speaking countries of the world. What's not to like?

Somewhere in your archives [calling JK] there will be such a statement from moi.

There is already a joint security group called "The Five Eyes" which comprises, in afferbecklorder, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and the USofA. Though under the "Boy Blunder" Trudeau of the Castro Fan Club one would have to doubt whether Canada qualifies. Trade and movement of people is just a next step.

Contingent of course on the UK giving the EU the Archer's Salute.

You know you find Internet cafés in the strangest of places (taking some long awaited R and R, wandered around to view the area and sample the local intoxicants and found this – dial-up, how 'quaint', from the history it seems mostly used for bitcoin-mining and … yes, well, really! Some 'very' strange tastes around here!). Thought I'd check-in and point out to certain people that despite my (long forced) absence I (still, just) aiten't dead (yet – thanking Himself for the consideration an for reminding me to periodically duck).


Try visiting:

and then get someone to explain the possible, or even imagined, evolutionary steps necessary for that!

As to the rest? Wot AussiD sed! (Have a Bunbdaberg for me).

(I really, no I mean really, want a pint of Bitter and a bag of chips – please Santa! Failing that 'can I please come home now boss'?)

The mysterious 'Jerven' strikes again! Anyway, welcome back, Jerven, and one of these days you must give me a clue as to the nature of your peripatetic life-style and whilst your at it, perhaps you can tell me how you manage to leave a comment here at D&N with no trace of it in my In-box?

Jerven. Bundaberg duly squaffed in compliance with your request.

I am a confirmed atheist and used to read Richard Darwkins avidly but two things put me off him. He is a socialist and his arguments against god were not that convincing. His evidence or not of the existence of a god has not altered my belief that there is not one. Not one at least that is in our capacity to understand what he constitutes.

My imagination only runs to an entity that brings universes into being and after that it is up to the universe to do what it will. Projecting from that the conclusion has to be that we are an experiment. After all is not evolution an example as that is nature experimenting on what works and what does not. I believe that is an explanation as good if not better than any to be found in religious texts.

By trying to define a god man has made a rod for his/her own back which whacks them into very narrow paths of action all containing traps that can be deadly. Maybe we were programmed to do that. A bit like a lab rat in a maze being zapped until it finds it's way to the food.

Just add the single market to FTA's with the English speaking states, and voila, Westeros is at one with itself.

A billion or so 1st world, high-income, culturally similar, consumers and suppliers.

But it'll only work with shared, independent institutions to adjudicate the disputes. You can't play the single market and FTA games without a referee.

But since Hard Brexit Blighty wants to "take back control" and considers external, independent adjudication institutions as an "attack on sovereignty", so unfortunately Blighty won't be playing this game.


Time for Soft Brexiteers and ex-Remainers to unite around the common goal: A single market in Westeros, with the four freedoms, all adjudicated by independent bodies whose constitution is based on the enlightenment principles of separation of powers, rule of law, due process, and individual rights.

"But that's the EU, isn't it?". Shhh, just let them think they thought of it - move along, nothing to see here ...


You are a silly sod, SoD, the point about a truly free market is that there is no need for bloated bureaucracies to lay down regulations and then spend forever adjudicating on disputes. We just agree to buy and sell to each other with the only requirement being that the laws of each country are sacrosanct. No need to comply with trade-killing measures like the EU's insistence on a 4.5% tariff on anything imported from non-EU nations, or forbidding its constituent countries from signing any sort of trade deal with non-EU countries.

You continue to forget (or bury in your subconscious) that the main driver for the EU is, was and will be forever, POLITICAL not economic!

"We just agree to buy and sell to each other with the only requirement being that the laws of each country are sacrosanct."

So I build a computer for export, sell it to Bongo-Bongo-Land, and it bursts into flames and kills a load of people.

That breaks the law in Bongo-Bongo-Land big time. The punishment in BBL is "an eye for an eye".

Does BBL have the right to extradite me?


"Brexit means Brexit" rat #1: -

Paying the £350m a week, or part thereof, into the EU coffers ain't so bad after all ...

Pfsssst! (sound of barely disguised laughter from behind hand held to mouth ...)


Right, come on you hard Brexiteers, put your money where your mouth is!

I'll bet each of you a quid - that's £1 sterling FYI ex-colonials - that before article 50 is triggered, so March 31st or whenever it actually happens, one of your glorious Brexit leaders will have said the ECJ can adjudicate on certain legal matters is an option.

Better hurry up before the bet becomes worthless - sterling will be worth duck all if we stick to hard Brexit!


David, for the purpose of this post your qualified praise for the quack Behe is anti-science enough. As the Wiki article you link points out:

"Behe's claims about the irreducible complexity of essential cellular structures have been rejected by the vast majority of the scientific community,[3][4] and his own biology department at Lehigh University published an official statement opposing Behe's views and intelligent design."

"Irreducible complexity" has been debunked dozens of different ways and is nothing other than a pathetic attempt to make room for a creator god. It's only one step removed from claiming Satan planted dinosaur fossils to shake our faith and has strong appeal to those without room in their heads for the idea of tiny, incremental changes over billions of years.

Btw, I agree Dawkins can be shrill and condescending. Shame on him for not suffering fools gladly, but he wouldn't be likely to take advice from Saint Paul, would he?

David, your last comment is politically correct. The EU Parliament is a gravy train and has been truly exposed by Farage. How anyone can defend this lot of wasters beats me and we Glaswegians are used to being beaten up!

Bob, Behe's notion is no more fantastical than the notion that evolution occurs via a million-billion, infinitesimal micro changes. There are better explanations but, alas, I am too tired at the moment to go into them - maybe next week.

"Brexit means Brexit" rat #2: A "flexible approach" to immigration is ok ...

If David Davis keeps going like this he'll out-rat king-rat Trump soon!

I wonder which of the Brexiteers will be the one to rat on the ECJ principle and allow me to collect £1 off each of you?


There can be no meaningful negotiation till Art 50 is triggered. The trick for the next few months is to keep the EU buggers confused without causing too much confusion amongst us Brits.

Between the Sun and the Daily Mail--
"One in three babies born in UK last year had foreign parent – as sky-high immigration fuels population boom: The figures showed nine in ten London newborns had at least one parent from overseas.

Remember, this didn’t happen because the British electorate asked for it to happen, it happened because the Labour Party thought that Britain was too British and it’s electorate insufficiently tractable, and decided to make it more diverse. This is the result." National suicide. This is also the EU. Standing dead.

David, you show a basic misunderstanding of how science works. The current best evidence shows life evolved via a million-billion, infinitesimal micro changes. Sometimes they occur in statistical clumps, or there is a dominant mutation, but the overall idea holds. It is not a matter of imagination other than building a theory that fits the evidence. It is definitely not a matter of opinion.

This is an opinion, since it's based on sparse evidence: Trump has little or no interest in the "Anglosphere". Since he's building an administration largely composed of billionaires, will try to maintain close ties to his businesses and displays an infatuation for Putin, he is most likely an aspiring oligarch and kleptocrat. He will probably deal with the UK and EU in ways that are satisfying to him personally.

It really doesn't matter if Trump isn't interested in the "Anglosphere" because 4 of the nations are undergoing massive demographic change. A Hispanic USA with large black and Arab minorities isn't going to be interested in the UK. People who think that the Anglosphere-led Commonwealth is going to save us are kidding themselves.

These are my opinions:

The primary difference between American conservatives and liberals is that the latter care only about so-called "progressive liberal" goals, whereas the former care mostly about the welfare of the United States and its people.

Donald Trump will prove to be a very good President of the United States because he cares about the welfare of his country and its people.

Conservatives look forward to a resurgence of American greatness. Liberals will continue to wallow in their miserable state of mind.

backofanenvelope, unexpectedly, we agree.

TheBigHenry, I have no idea what you think a liberal is, but as a modern, philosophical liberal I can assure you I'm not miserable in the least. Democrats are another matter.

Nothing suggests Trump will be a good president. Words are cheap, and his are cheaper than most. His actions are not encouraging so far either, unless you were taken in by that Carrier Corporation stunt.


My idea of the American liberal is the standard idea of those who think of themselves as "progressives", such as 0bama, Pelosi, Schmuck Schumer, the Clintons, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reed, Jon Stewart, Barbra Streisand, Cher, and all those other idiots who claimed they would move to another country or another planet if Trump was elected.

Trump obviously loves this country, as 0bama definitely doesn't, and that suggests to me that he will be a very good President. You don't agree? I didn't expect you to agree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

People like you, whatever you think of yourself, appear to be typical American liberals to me, but that is neither here nor there. If you claim you aren't, that's fine with me. But you do seem to be a very pessimistic person and one who constantly dwells on the negative side of every issue discussed herein. That is also fine with me, so long as you don't bother trying to convince me that you aren't.

As the classic zebra joke punchline has it, "You is what you is, motherf*cker." But I mean that in a nice way :)

Bloody hell, just as I turn my peanut brain in the direction of a deeper dive into Microsoft's cloud solution, called Azure, to get the billing up and shore up the coffers in 2017, Redmond go and put the price up by 22% for sterling buyers, i.e. in Blighty. Thus my prospective customers scatter to the wind, leaving messages on my answer like "22 percent, wtf are they thinking of! Don't you even think about putting your day rate up". To that particular customer I felt like replying "Serves you right for voting Brexit, you twat". But I thought better of it, so will vent here instead: -

Yes, another thank you to the B-worders - the official term for this particular spinoff being "Brexploitation".

Coming to an industry near you ...



Of those on your list I'd count only Obama and possibly Jon Stewart as liberals. The rest are Democratic party hacks or leftists. Liberals understand something about the history and philosophy of liberalism. Leftists only share responses consistent with a certain set of psychological characteristics. Your comments suggest to me you're a right wing authoritarian rather than a conservative.

You think I'm pessimistic because I don't indulge your wishful thinking. Trump's character has already emerged, but you won't recognize it, and that's because you identify with him. That's identity politics as much as multiculturalism or political correctness.

What evidence do you have Obama doesn't love America?

I don't have to show you any stinkin' evidence, Bob, when I am expressing an opinion. And I am not interested in discussing with you whose opinion is more meritorious. I am quite confident that mine is since your expressed opinions are largely disingenuous.

Recall that your comrade-in-arms, the so-called "Sister Wolf", told you that you are doing "God's work" here, presumably as a praiseworthy Leftist troll. I remember your sneer in reply that you will have the last laugh here. Far be it from me to interfere with someone who is doing "God's work". So have at it, but spare me your posturing. I am not buying your BS.

"Forget the Cousins"

Sorry Whitewall, JK & TBH.

How about this for an idea.

AussieD, not a bad idea at all. Many complimentary traits. We in the US do a brisk business with Canada and pretty well with Great Britain. On a personal level, Oz has a great deal of appeal to me.


Your belief opinions can be totally evidence free is characteristic of an authoritarian follower. You simply believe what a trusted authority figure tells you to believe. Sister Wolf did not capitalize "god" and is a pal of David's:

"When it comes to matters of truly horrific, ghastly, car-crash ladies' fashion, I am forced to rely on my lovely - and elegant - e-pal, 'Sister Wolf', for guidance."

Whitewall I would like to see the US in such a group as it would be an entity which woulds provide trade, defence, travel and many other benefits without parallel.

We can always send you a boat load of Oxford Dictionaries to help with the transition to your spelling problems. :-)


You really know how to hurt a guy. I am devastated that you think me an authoritarian follower.

Not caring to show you evidence is not an admission of not having evidence. It is a statement of my contempt for your mean-spirited demeanor. You are an argumentative twerp. To borrow an expression from one of my online friends:

Come on American chaps! There is no point to this endless exchange of insults. The ironic thing is that your country is split neatly in two - with both sides run by the same sort of people.


Assuming you realize that saying comes from a Monty Python movie, you can't be all bad. However, you are wrong about Trump. Consider this:

"When Donald Trump named his Treasury secretary, Teena Colebrook felt her heart sink.

She had voted for the president-elect on the belief that he would knock the moneyed elites from their perch in Washington. And she knew Trump's pick for Treasury — Steven Mnuchin — all too well.

OneWest, a bank formerly owned by a group of investors headed by Mnuchin, had foreclosed on her Los Angeles-area home in the aftermath of the Great Recession, stripping her of the two units she rented as a primary source of income."


The two parties are not equally bad, or at least not bad in the same ways. Consider Trump's attitude towards a working man:

"He was such a believer, he was such a great guy. He said, “I've been with Donald Trump from the beginning and he made the statement that Carrier's not going anywhere, they're not leaving.” And I'm saying to myself, man. And then they played my statement, and I said, “Carrier will never leave.” But that was a euphemism. I was talking about Carrier like all other companies from here on in because they made the decision a year and a half ago."

Evidently Trump's euphemism for "lie" is "euphemism". This is Nixonian politics on top of plutocracy. Americans will probably have a lot in common with post-Brexit Brits in short order.

AussieD, "We can always send you a boat load of Oxford Dictionaries to help with the transition to your spelling problems. :-)". True that! Also many people from my part of the US will not only "misspell", but some pronunciations could prove to be amusing.

I didn't say both parties were equally bad, or bad in the same way. I said that they were run by the same sort of people.


Argumentation is Bob's pastime. His shtick is to wilfully misinterpret what you say in order to set himself up for trotting out one of his bagful of Leftist talking points.

Now then, children, just because the Headmaster is away there's no excuse for all this squabbling. By all means keep it deadly - but keep it polite! Or you will stay in after school and do extra homework!

backofanenvelope, pardon me. We agree to a point. About 30 years ago I read an article about how the global elite (the Davos crowd) move from gated homes to airports to luxury hotels to offices. The great majority never interact with "average" people and therefore exclude them from their policy calculations. We're currently experiencing the backlash. By May of next year its strength in the other major players will be clear and by October in the rest of Europe.

Things are a bit different here. Before the election I would have agreed almost completely about our two parties, but with the Clinton machine discredited an emerging majority of Democrats are working to become a Franklin Roosevelt style party again. We sorely need one.

David, you'll just have to excuse us. We're Americans. The politics of personal destruction is what we do, and unfortunately we now have an exceptionally bad example for impressionable people.

"... you'll just have to excuse us. We're Americans. The politics of personal destruction is what we do, ..."

I do that too! So can I have my Green Card now please?

Oh, and one for Fluff-Bun while you're at it, if only on the basis of "I'm Brian, and so is my wife"? ...


SoD, we'll consider it. Please describe in detail exactly how destructive you've been.

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