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Wednesday, 02 November 2016


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Both very good.

The son seems to have more of a subdued manner, but both have a way of drawing your attention to the central theme.

Though neither was a member as far as I can tell, the style of the elder is like American Impressionism and the younger like the American "Ashcan School" that followed in reaction.

Interesting, Bob, I had never heard of 'the Ashcan School' but I have just had a quick skim through a collection of examples and many of them look very good. Mind you, any group with Edward Hopper in it has to be good!

Interesting paintings and quite appealing in their realism. The sinking of the Gneisenau has a glaring mistake. The smoke from fires and explosions is moving right to left of the painting however the signal flags on the distant warship are standing out left to right. Picky I know but...

Well spotted, AussieD, no doubt you were an excellent 'lookout' before you achieved high command.

Terence Cuneo will live on for "boys" of a certain age - his train paintings and his Biggles illustrations.

You're spot on, Bonnemort, I meant to say in the post that they reminded me of the old 'Hotspur' and 'Wizard' comics of yesteryear.

Love Cuneo's train paintings. Picky again. The spiders only have six legs.

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