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Tuesday, 29 November 2016


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We had heard of "him" for years but then "she" was presented later on. I hear some on the West Coast refer to Her as His tramp sister. Families are so unpredictable.


Is the "tramp" sister the same as the "trump" sister (the one whose pussy is frequently grabbed)?

Don't worry, there's plenty of mileage in this one yet. They'll claim that these weather systems do indeed cause the warming, but that the systems themselves are caused by human activity. Or that they've been mitigating the effects of AGW, and we're really in for it now. You can't expect people to give up their religion that easily.


AGW is only an offshoot of the ultimate secular religion -- Leftism. Whereas AGW may give in to the next ice age, Leftists will cling to their bibles (no guns, please) until the sun becomes a red giant.

Henry, Certainly Not!

Whyaxye, religion is right! It is in search of a deity.

For Socrates take on "gerbil worming [TM]" see

Looks like California didn’t get the memo.

night owl,

In Californicatia, f*cking is OK; farting, not so much.

They usually have something interesting going on out there.

The only measurable effects of more CO2 in the atmosphere is the planet is becoming greener. The ones cited by the eco loons are all conjecture without much in the way of evidence to back them up. In any event even if there is some truth in climate change the measures taken to combat it are inappropriate. They are inefficient, costly and regressive.

See that chart of yours, I love it.

That's a system in the most orderly of states: mathematical chaos.

That glorious wild oscillation of mathematical chaos is the very reason why life was possible on earth. It is also the pattern for life itself, the brain, the neural network. Endless feedbacks into feedbacks. Endless output oscillations.

If the governmental executives of the world succeed in flat-lining the graph by some uber-powerful feat of technological engineering, it would be the first time that'd ever happened to planet earth. By the "precautionary principle" at least, (that is, "if it ain't broke don't fix it", or, "don't try something you've never done before if everything is ok as it stands and there's no evidence of what will happen if you do", etc.), which is the very rule the Climate Alarmists evoke about carbon (even though the earth has had high levels of carbon before and climate change continued), then the last thing in the world you'd want to do is flat-line climate change.

Let it oscillate, man! In fact, if the climate ever stopped changing for whatever reason, then I might actually suggest the world executive's pull their fingers out and make it start oscillating again, PDFQ.

Climate change is good. Long live climate change.


And of course competitive markets, the manifesto pledge of the Libertarian, are an instance of the mathematical chaos pattern.

Missed that one out, but I guess y'all known that by now :-)


" I shall miss all those 'Pte. Frazer' characters shrieking and weeping and telling us "We're all doomed!" "

Comfort yourself, David, they won't be going anywhere for a while; in fact I suspect that somewhere in the world, even now, one of the is drafting a press release claiming that the cooling is all because of the windmills, and we must at once build thousands and thousands more of them, etc etc etc.

And the bbc will give it prime time, of course, while not mentioning La Nina at all.

'Uppers', I'm beginning to worry about California. Don't the authorities 'way over there' ever read this distinguished blog? It was eight years ago, almost to the day, that I first warned the world about the menace of farting cows, courtesy of a report from my American correspondent, JK, who being a resident of Arkansas is, presumably, familiar with the problem!

"the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that greenhouse gases emitted by belching and flatulence amounts to air pollution."

But *a year before* that, my other American reporter, Hank, reported that the real menace to life on earth was not flatulent cows but farting termites!

"a story from an American Congressman, no less, reporting the imminent demise of every living thing in the world by over-heating from over-eating termites, yes, termites, whose combined flatulence produces 11% of the world's methane, a notorious greenhouse gas."

I tell you, if you want to keep yourselves up to date on the very latest end of the world stories then D&N is the blog to follow!

SoD, Antisthenes... some interesting points you raise. The alarmist camp doesn't worry about variables and such. They offer long held "solutions" that are always at the ready for any event. In the end, it really isn't "climate science" at all. It is all about the ideologically inspired "science" of Political Economics.

California cows are somewhat unique. After each "unfortunate incident", the creature will say "excuse me". In the other 49 states, cows just say "deal with it".

I wonder if cows are allowed to fart in Australia?


I think they have been out in the pasture doing far too much sniffing.

The Obama administration as well.
The Denver Sheriff Department has run afoul of the U.S. DoJ because it made U.S. citizenship a job requirement for its deputies during a hiring spree in 2015 and early 2016.

As an old and cynical scientist I'll wait for the data. Mass sackings would count as data.

It's a bit sexist. You know, the cold one being claimed to be female.
Much nicer the other way round - a hot female and a cool gent.

On the subject of "junk ideology"...

I wonder if cows are allowed to fart in Australia?

Whitewall Oz is a free choice zone. The cows may fart or not fart depending on their inclination at the time.

Bulls of course fart all the time. It's a male bonding thing doncha know.

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