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Friday, 11 November 2016


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The New York Post has it wrong.

That Representative Nita Lowey is handling "grooming her" personally.

Sources who request anonymity confirm Chelsea's grooming is being handled by Anthony Weiner. Can't leave that sorta thing to novices doncha know ... requires experts.


Is he sending her some of his world famous selfies?


Webb would be so proud!


Considering what Anthony's Weiner has "handled" (if you can stomach it), I wouldn't advise anybody, not even a Clinton, to accept handling by the Weiner.

I understand that Hilary will not get to wear the orange jumpsuit she is entitled to. Her name is said to be at the top of the list of those to be pardoned by Paddy O'Bama when he hands over the keys to the White House.
If Chelsea Clinton becomes a future President, can we have Scarlet Moffatt as Prime Minister or, at least, Secretary of State for Education?

There's a thing about Presidential pardons: It takes some pretty smart lawyering to cover all the possible charges. But wait, there's more:The President can not pardon her for state crimes, for example. He can not blunt the effects of civil liability suits, which might open the door to evidence of other, unpardoned crimes. He can not prevent Congressional inquiries. She can even be impeached, and, if convicted, could never hold office again, even if she lived another four years.

President Trump would also do well to understand that inquiries would, possibly, perhaps, show people just what the crimes were. Remember, there are millions of people who believe that the scandals were just (pardon the inevitable pun) trumped up. There is a very wide lack of knowledge about her offences. It would be a very good thing for more people to understand just what the issues were, perhaps to avoid some of them in the future.

Ahoy Michael, I loaned out my phone some days before the vote, just so you're aware. In the offchance you call I told the guy, Greg, to answer it.

He's nothing to do with the stuff like you know me'n Able might be up to so ... "Congratulations" would be about all you'd want to do.

Know what I mean Vern?


Obummer can't hisself do any pardon for reasons that ought be apparent but, providing "all" that's come prior, and just speaking for myself;

I wouldn't mind Trump pardoning

all concerned.

Yeah I know Michael but, don't you think it'd be Righteous all we Christians, after they get their "pout out" offer to ... at a reasonable discount ... bake 'em a cake?

A pardon requires an admission of guilt, I suppose (not being a lawyer) that such an admission would reduce civil trials to just a determination of liability.

Also being pardoned would mean that she could not self-incriminate herself. She could possibly be a star witness in a number of trials.

there is that Hank ...

amongst stuff


Now if only LB releases heh heh, Trey Gowdy to concentrate on what is actually real ... well I suppose shit in one hand and wish in the other pretty much, balances out.

Then again, mightn't it be a "reasonably good idea" every *Y'all* get back on the meds an' take 'em reglar?


Yeah like threatening me with


Gedubberrit! I Herschel Ducker (yep! you see that do you LB? Now what you gonna think you can do?

Call in your JAGs?

Good luck with that.

It looks like JK celebrated not wisely but too well!

Eh David ...

Fuck it I reckon. LB (whose actual name I know too) too ... should I choose

Herschel D, What The Fuck, My pension's intact. This Date !!!

I hope that the Clintons and all their associates in crime get their asses nailed to the wall. Trump apparently does not have a forgiving nature, more Old Testament.

BTW, the photo you posted provides conclusive proof about Chelsea's paternity. It's not Bill, it's Howdy Doody!

That started my day with a smile, JK, thanks, now go and get your head down!

That is a frightening photograph.

I thought her mum was off but that is way out there in psycho land.

I am with you AussieD. I thought"oh my gawd" that picture tells it all. She definitely would not need makeup for a comic horror movie. Damn she's ugly and has stupid written all over her face.

Bloody hell Duff!
It's 4.30 a.m. on a balmy Sunday morning and I wake to see that face from hell smirking insanely.
You mustn't do that to me - I haven't even had a cup of tea - and it's much too early( or late) for booze (except in Arkansas, apparently).

Sorry, sorry, sorry, Andra, but I feel it my mission in life to bring you the news, be it good, bad or indifferent or even, as it mostly is, dead boring!

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