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Thursday, 24 November 2016


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But could he, the latter day Moses, part the Aegean?

Way back [as in 1961] HMS Belfast visited Melbourne when I was a very junior matelot. We got to mix with the Royal Marines ["Real Marines" for our "cousins"] and one of them sounded just like that - Fookin 'ell was his standard response to everything except a beer when it was "Ta moochly".

Then I was commissioned and the tone of conversation changed. Not necessarily for the better.

Note of complete irrelevance; one of my closest friends who is now officially an Aussie is ex US Marines and the banter over a not so quiet beer among us ex-service types has our wives somewhat non-plussed.

Second note of some relevance: Speaking of Thespians did you know that Australians fought at the battle of Thermopylae? And before you think I've gone round the twist it was in 1941 not 480BC involving the 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians.

Forgot to put a reference in for Thermopylae.

These days, of course, most soldiers will have no idea who Moses is or was.

I'm guessing it was David's Regiment that removed all the seat cushions?

To American readers, happy holiday.

Andrew Duffin,

You are correct that Moses is much less well known than Jesus. But Moses is revered by the Jewish people. The reason is quite simple, really. Whereas Jesus saves, Moses invests :)

Happy Thanksgiving, all y'all.

You were in Greece in the early '60s, Duffers? I was in Cyprus about the same time (well, late '50s.) I remember it quite well because I fainted with heatstroke on parade and was put on a charge for 'conduct prejudicial.' A bit off, I thought it, but if you can't take a joke...

Long ago, my mate was in the R.A.F.. The Saturday evening show at the camp cinema was favourite for the comedians, as most of the films, and dialogue, had literally been memorised. He told me about this particular film scene where the heroine is quietly dying in the hero’s arms, and the memorable words spoken were :- “I cannot lose you now. What shall I do?”

The voice, from the back of the cinema, replied “F*** her while she’s warm; mate!”

The Wing Commander, in charge of the whole base, stood up from the front row, helped his wife to her feet, and stalked out whilst the rest of the audience remained in hysterics.


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