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Friday, 11 November 2016


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That is a new site to me too. The writer nailed it. If the West is to save itself, this same war must be fought against the same enemy- nation by nation by nation. For a few it may be too late.

The deplorable Right is constantly accused of all sorts of imagined violence and plotting murder and mayhem. But we don't do it. The Left does it after Brexit, after Hillary lost. I'm sure similar happens in many countries. We on the Right don't riot although we can. We don't even use our well oiled firearms against the Lefty Brown Shirts although we can. We don't and we haven't. Why not?

Coz you won ...


SoD, interesting. The march on Government would take the form of the last march on government--The TEA Party movement. Orderly, clean and peaceful. It is our way for now. We leave the Brown Shirt stuff to the Left where it belongs. Revolutions come in many forms.

Here's a more informed view of what happened:

And a taste of what's to come:

It's also likely Angela Merkel will become head of NATO. Trump doesn't care about it as much as he does his buddy Putin who he doesn't believe ever invaded anything.

Angela Merkel? If there is justice still to be found in Germany, that sick woman will be booted from office. Germany is boiling over.

Well, Whitewall, if the president isn't interested in security arrangements that aren't a good financial deal, someone will step in to fill the gap. If Merkel is booted it would probably be her successor. Or do you think some other country has the standing?

Amusing photo on MSN a while ago...Obama and Trump in the Oval Office. Caption reads "Obama Aims to Salvage His Legacy". Well, Player, your "legacy" just shook your hand on camera.

Bob, you could be right about her successor. But standing, I'm not sure. Europe today in reaction to any outside threat would do what it often does---stand up straight and look longingly in the direction of London.

Metros vs the Country Bumpkins ...

... It's ok, I won't say it.

I do hope I manage to get through Rich and Tracey's recounting of the first American Civil War ...

... before the second one starts!


By George and all the Saints!

The DT has finally had its collective penny drop!

Or have they plagiarized me from D&N? : -

"The new political divide which drove both Brexit and Donald Trump: town versus country"

Town vs Country. Typical polite DT, c'mon, Metro-W*nkers vs Country-Bumpkins is sooo much better!

The new conflict, to add to the long list: -

- Left vs Right
- Working vs Middle class
- Black vs White
- Proddies vs Left Footers
- Royalist vs Cavalier
- Lords vs Peasants
- Lancaster vs York


Ooops - should say "Cavalier vs Roundhead"

And last, but definitely not least: Rebel vs Yankee


SoD, above the line/below the line. Protected vs not protected. Allowed/not allowed. Riot if we lose/don't riot when we lose.

This is thorough and fits the theme of the morning:


Trump's supporters are not exactly all polite, thoughtful types:

"The right to free assembly and free speech is a two way street. And by far the largest share of the physical violence that has erupted during this campaign season has been instigated by Trump supporters and directed at nonviolent protesters."


At some point they'll figure out he's not going to do most of what he promised. Then the fireworks really begin.

Maybe, who knows, as he owes no one. But there is one goddam thing for sure, Obama weaponized agencies of the Federal government for political ends. In two months, Trump inherits it.

"At some point they'll figure out he's not going to do most of what he promised."

Well Bob, I'll just offer what solace as I am able.

If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor!

Loose the fireworks Bob ...


Is lying about whether you can keep your doctor really equivalent to insulting entire ethnic groups, religions, countries, and security institutions? How about flirting with the so-called "alt right" of Steve Bannon's? Could you have really thought Trump wouldn't be trouble? You probably ain't seen nothing yet.

Btw, the doctor thing wasn't a complete lie, I know people that kept their doctors. They just had to buy the right policy on the exchange.

Also btw, I just cooked up a big pot of red and thought about inviting you over. Now I'm not so sure.

Bob, "a big pot of red"?

What is this thing called "red"?

Can't Bob, I'm outta Prilosec.

Thanks anyway tho'

Pot of Red. Around here that could mean red beans, rice and Andouille sausage?

In Texas and the surrounding states "red" is a tasty Texas Chili. It's spicy, has no beans or other fillers and is not for the timid.

"Texas chilli"! Oh myyyy Gaaaaard! This Brit just wet himself!

David, you're one of those Brits that likes everything boiled - including bread?

Whitewall, if you live near n'awlins you're a lucky guy food-wise.

For me, Bob, brought up on wartime rations, no spice is ever the spice of life!

Bob I don't know you from a bar of soap other than from your posts here but you remind me of SoD and his ramblings on Brexit.

What is it you do not understand about democracy? The people in the country you lot proclaim ad nauseum as the land of the free and the home of the brave have had their say. You may not like it but suck it up sunshine and make the best of it. Help make your country the great place I found it to be in my interaction with its service personnel. I have seen several governments elected here in Oz for which I did not vote but got on with my job and bided my time.

If you don't want to do that you could always defect to Canada. The boy Prime Minister would welcome you I am sure.

Hasn't the Donald already ratted? ...

Kids on their parents' insurance, and no medical history in the insurance calculation. Good solid Libertarian stuff.


We've got a very metro "bring around a dish and booze" do next month. Well that's sorted then ...

... and a bottle of Rebel Yell short batch.

While we're all moaning about Brexit and Trump, I'll be thinkin' of y'all and raise a toast!

(Plus a sick day Monday, yippppeeee!)


SoD, if you drink that bottle of Rebel Yell, you could easily lose your ability to speak proper English for quite a while.

So not all bad, then, Whiters!


I'm not sure where you got your impression I'm upset or even surprised about the election results, but I'm under no obligation to think electing Trump was anything but a huge mistake. The people who voted for him, for the most part, did it as a big "fck you" to the elite and the elite deserve it to a large extent; especially the Clintons.

However, Trump voters are in for a rude awakening that might take a while and might not. He's already appointing the elite to his transition team and possible cabinet. This includes his kids that will also be running his business. Think there might be a conflict of interest there that will make people suspicious? If it upsets you I have a different way of interpreting politics and current events just skip over my comments and indulge yourself in group think.

SoD, this is the stuff:

Bob, I'm beginning to worry about myself because I agree with much of what you wrote - except for that stuff about gut-searing red beans!

David, you still miss the point. Red has no beans.

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