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Saturday, 05 November 2016


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David, do you have any idea how difficult it was to pull up page 3? Really!

Sorry, sorry, Whiters, but I trust it - ooops, I mean 'they' - were worth waiting for!

We often mock the tabloids, but their analysis is often better than the broadsheets when it comes to politics. My old British Politics professor knew the system inside out, and often remarked that the really intelligent journalists were employed by the Sun and the Mirror, rather than the broadsheets. There is a real skill in getting at the essence of an issue, and then presenting it in a way that is simple, but not distorted. TND's piece is a good example of that.

If natural justice is applied and the judiciary is not to be become a political tool like the American supreme court then it will reverse the judgement of the high court. As there is a compelling case that the will of the majority of the people is the highest law in the land nd that should have taken precedent over other legal niceties. The evidence is the jury system whereby ordinary people like you and me can ignore the judge when giving a verdict but the judge cannot ignore the jury. I rest my case.

"I rest my case."

Does that mean, Antis, that the invoice for your fee is in the post?

Well worth a read reiterating things I have been saying for years but in a much better way than I ever have and this from a dedicated Brexit man who although I admired his analytical skills never much cared for his rhetoric. With this article he has redeemed himself in my eyes.

One oddity of Brexit discussions is that they appear to be conducted in a vacuum. What about the rest of the EU? Their record suggests they will bolster the anti-EU feeling in the UK. Also, Hollande will be gone, as might Merkel. Junker must be well into his 5 years.

"Also, Hollande will be gone, as might Merkel. Junker must be well into his 5 years."

... as might May.

A vote of no confidence and she's out on her ear and we're into an election.

No-one will pay the blindest bit of attention to anything other than their local representative's stance on "soft" vs "hard" Brexit. My local Tory rep is Gove. A pure driven hard Brexiteer, so he's not getting my vote, I'll vote Labour if that's the only "soft" option on offer. Likewise, a Labour rep who's "soft" won't get the Labour voters who are "hard", they'll switch to a "hard" rep, even if the only option's Tory.

Bearing in mind the 48% will convert to "soft" Brexiteers, and the "Bregretter" portion of the original 52% Brexiteers will go "soft", it's going to be a damned close run thing, but "soft" will probably get it.

We could actually end up with a coalition of the left - SNP, Labour, "soft" Tories, even Lib-Dems - steering a soft Brexit through the negotiations and parliament, with the Tory "softs" switching back to loyalty if this coalition tries to put any other lefty crap through parliament (nationalisation, etc.). Plus the irony that the EEA / EFTA membership would act as an absolute backstop to any such lefty pretensions (the single market: The last flicker of Maggie's torch saves us).

And meanwhile the pols are so busy with all this they don't have time for anything else - cranky projects, nutjob schemes, bossy boots plans for everyone - for at least the next 5 years or so. And the status quo being we stay in the EU.

That'd be ok. Gives a plenty of time for metros to manoeuvre to protect themselves from Brexit, unlike the surprise of 23rd June.


SoD, might this apply to you?

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